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The national average dodge challenger insurance cost for 30 year old driver is around $1,692 yearly or $141 monthly. But teen drivers can expect to pay substantially more to insure Dodge Challenger and it is also true that the premiums will decrease with every passing year for new models.

Besides, there might be numerous other factors which affect insurance costs of Dodge Challengers. These include aspects like driver age, gender, residential location, status of credit profile and past driving record. And insurance premium can vary from insurer to insurer as each company uses different parameters for assessing coverage risks associated with each individual driver.

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Dodge challenger insurance costs could be significantly high for teen drivers in the age group 16 to 19 years. The average yearly premium for a teen driver could be as high as $6,184 but it can also be as low as $994 per year if a driver has maintained a very good driving record. But depending on the exact make and model of your Dodge Challenger car, the premium is also likely to vary.

Accordingly, new Dodge Challenger models will be expensive to insure as compared to older versions. One must take insurance costs into consideration before deciding buy a particular vehicle model so that cost can be kept in check. So, if you are on a tight rope budget then it makes sense to drive an old car.??????

Like with other vehicles, dodge challenger car insurance policies could be cheaper if you manage to qualify for discounts. Insurers offer many types of premium discounts to eligible drivers based on their age, driving experience, safety features in car, grades in academics, etc. You can determine your eligibility to secure a discounted Dodge Challenger auto insurance package so that you can save hundreds.

But the key for getting the lowest car insurance rates is shopping and that can be a very exhaustive task. To do away with the overall rigors of the multiple quotes comparison process, it is desirable to seek advice and help from specialists. Such a move may not only enable you in securing the right solution but also save you time as well as money.???

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