11 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms To Make It Luxurious

    Small Bathrooms

    Not enough space for a big and luxurious bathroom? It is true that a small bathroom can give you a feeling of restriction and ruin all the fun. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can use to give your bathroom an elegant look within the limited space. Do not limit your style just because the space is limited.

    Small Bathroom Design Ideas

    Here are 11 clever design ideas for small bathrooms which are handpicked by our experts that actually work for you.

    1. Mirrors can do magic : Using a big mirror in your bathroom can make the area appear bigger. The mirror helps to reflect the light evenly throughout the space making it more appealing to your eyes. If you cannot afford a big mirror, using two medium sized mirrors would do the same job.
    2. Let your walls wear some Wallpapers : Wallpapers can do wonders to make your bathroom look more spacious. Using a medium or large-scale wallpaper can make your bathroom look larger than its actual size. You can go for patterns that do not look too messy and crowded.
    3. Impactful tiles : You might wonder how tiles can help in increasing the space. Again, it’s all about tricking your eyes. Using small tiles can create an idea of more space in your mind. Tiling your bathroom halfway and leaving the rest can increase the height of your bathroom, not literally but visually. If you use the same tile for both the floor and the shower, it confuses the eyes, as to where it starts and where it ends. This illusion can give the idea of a spacious bathroom.
    4. Color sense can make sense : Choosing the right color for your bathroom can have a greater impact on its appearance. It is always advisable to go for light and bright colors. This makes your bathroom space more open. If you’re a lover of dark colors and cannot avoid it, use them for the flooring. This perfect combination of dark floors and bright walls will give a class look to your bathroom. You can seek advice from interior designers in Kerala to find the right colour for your bathroom.
    5. The floating trick : One of the popular design ideas for less spacious bathrooms is to make things float. You can use a floating shelf, a floating sink or a floating toilet ( wall-mounted toilets). This is the best way to make the most of your walls. The floating concept can save your space to a great extent making room for other features.
    6. Dig that wall : Creating wall shelves is a smart way of utilizing space. These shower niches will not make your bathroom look messy, with accessories spilled around due to the lack of space. They give an intact look to your bathroom by taking less area.
    7. Open up for more space : Proper ventilation in your bathroom can erase the idea of a closed space. Natural lights from the windows will give a fresh ambience to your bathroom. If you can add a skylight to your bathroom, that would be the best way to brighten up and open up the space.
    8. Amazing thing about pocket doors : Most of us are not easily convinced by the idea of pocket-doors; but these sliding doors act as a space saver for small bathrooms. Compared to the normal hinge doors it can save upto 9 sq.ft of space.
    9. Don’t ignore the corners : If you’re determined to make the most of your space you can even rely on the corners. With proper design you can come up with a curved sink or curved shower to make use of corners. This can save a lot of space for other fittings.
    10. Keep the tub for another day : If you can lose the tub and choose the shower it might give you more space. Using a tub instead of shower can also be inconvenient for you in many ways. The old people in the house will not be able to use it and it will seem as a bad design idea for your small bathroom.
    11. Make use of everything you have : Finally, it’s all about the right planning and wise utilization of everything you have. To reduce space you can build a towel bar below the sink or use a small ladder to hang towels, and clothes. The space under the floating sink could be used for storage. 

    Using these simple tricks in your bathroom design ideas, you can transform your small bathroom into a luxurious space. What matters is not how much space you have, but how you decide to make use of it. By choosing the right design for your small bathroom, you can enjoy the luxury of a stylish bathroom in your little space. A home interior designer near you can best assist you in all these kinds of needs.?

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