Desert Safari Dubai – What It’s Really Like

The desert safari Dubai will blow you away in the best way possible! It?s truly unlike anything you?ve ever experienced before, and it?s an experience you definitely won?t forget. But what exactly does a desert safari dubai involve? What can you expect when you travel to the desert? And how can you be sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible? Also you have an opportunity to visit Burj Khalifa during this tour. So confirm your burj khalifa tickets. Let this guide help with all of these questions and more!

Is it safe?

When you think of a desert safari, you probably envision a camel ride in sweeping, arid landscapes. But is it really safe? By most accounts, it is: long-time travelers and writers say there?s little cause for concern while enjoying a desert safari in Dubai.

Think of it as an adventure

One of the most-attractive elements of a desert safari is its sense of adventure. If you can?t handle risks and uncertainty, then why bother? However, although a desert safari isn?t exactly safe, it is relatively risk-free. Tour operators do everything in their power to make sure that you don?t find yourself in any situations that could cause serious harm or even death.

Touring by camel is cool

You get to ride a camel. Camel-riding is super fun and weird, but it?s not as awesome as you think it?s going to be. You have to hold on so tightly that your arms fall asleep, and you?re always afraid of falling off. There are better ways to tour a desert.

The food is great

If you?re looking for a meal to go with your desert safari, look no further than Yas Island?s many restaurants. Whether you want to feast on fine French cuisine or indulge in some high-class, five-star Emirati cuisine, you?ll be well taken care of.

You get to see animals in their natural habitat

One of your first stops on a desert safari is usually to an animal reserve. Each place is a little different, but you?ll probably get to go for a short hike or even just sit in your car and watch animals roam around freely. Watching animals go about their day in a natural habitat is magical. Some days it can be quiet and others it can be quite active with lots of yelling from guides as they chase away animals trying to steal food from you! Either way, if you?re like me, after seeing all these wild animals up close you might not ever want to eat them again!

Seeing sunrise and sunset over the dunes with your loved ones makes it worthwhile

Descriptions of desert safaris can make them sound a bit dry and uneventful?sunrise, sunset, dunes. But nothing could be further from what it really feels like to go on one. Seeing sunrise over sand dunes with your loved ones and savoring one of nature?s most beautiful creations is so worth getting up at 2 am for. Get more out of your experience by bringing along a picnic blanket and eating a nice meal after you arrive back in town; that way you won?t have to worry about eating while you?re trying to take pictures or enjoy all that sunrise has to offer.

Ride in an air conditioned car with AC music and services throughout your tour

While it varies slightly between operators, most desert safaris require that you wear a headscarf and long pants or skirt. This is partly to protect against sunburn (despite our suggestion to keep things light, we don’t want your trip ruined because of sun damage), but also for religious reasons; some areas you visit on a desert safari are considered holy. You can find more information about packing for your trip here. If you aren’t sure what to pack and you’re traveling soon, consider using our Packing Pro service: get a personalized packing list based on where you’re going and what weather conditions you’ll face there!

Dress code

Don?t pack too many formal clothes?Dubai is a very casual city. Shorts, T-shirts, and tennis shoes are fine (though you may want to slip on pants when you head to fancy hotels or upscale restaurants). However, it?s smart to bring along a few nicer outfits for evenings out at nice restaurants or nightclubs. Don?t forget your sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. In wintertime, temperatures can plummet during sunset so bring warm clothing if you visit during those months. Also note that women must wear long pants or skirts in public as per local laws and customs. Finally, check your itinerary for specific dress requirements at places like mosques or when visiting with an Emirati host family.

Nothing can prepare you for an overnight safari in a tent under the stars with dune bashing!

First, and most importantly, nothing can prepare you for a desert safari. There are no words to describe an overnight safari in a tent under stars with dune bashing. But if you want to know what it?s really like… keep reading!