6 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Plants

    decorate home with plants

    In any decoration, the green of a plant gets a lot of prominences. The plant can bring a lot of lightness, calmness, and warmth to the house, not to mention that the environment is very elegant. But for the final result to be satisfactory, it is necessary to analyse which species of plant is ideal for decorating a home.

    There are so many species of various sizes, however, the best indoor plant is one that does not need much sunlight to survive.

    It is also important to check which type of plan best fits your profile, for example, if your daily life is very busy, choose a plant that requires little care. But if you are looking for a relaxing activity, then you can invest in plants that require more attention.

    See below some tips of plants that help in the decoration of the house.


    This type of plant has some fluctuations in colors, which in addition to green also has pink and purple colors. They need to be grown in an area where shade predominates because if they are placed directly in the sun, the leaves will be faded and dry.

    To decorate the house with this plant, try to place it in the living room, between a sofa and a table, or next to the door. For more information on decoration, you can use the construction portal to get more tips. There you will have information about each type of plant, for each room in the house.


    Orchids are plants often seen in homes. It is a type of plant for those who like a simpler decoration and can be placed in small vases to decorate tables and centers.

    In addition to making the house more charming, she does not need much care and gets used to indoor environments easily.

    Palm tree

    The palm tree is one of the most used plants to decorate home today. They can be placed outdoors and indoors, however, if used inside the house they need to be close to windows to gain a little light and remain healthy.

    They can also be planted in pots, and placed in places like the living room and office. There are several types of palm trees, each with its peculiarities. To learn more about how to decorate the house using a palm tree, consult the construction portal.   


    Ferns are one of the most used plants when it comes to home decoration. In addition to leaving the environment more purified and humidified, their presence reminds us of the times of our grandparents.

    They can be grown in the garden of the house, but can also be placed in pans or small pots, to decorate environments such as the living room, bedroom, and balconies. Try using them in hanging vases, that way, the environment is more elegant and cozy.


    This plant can be planted in small pots to decorate the interior of the residence, without having to be in direct contact with the sun. Its flowers are beautiful and last a long time, while the leaves have a heart design.

    The flowers can have different colors, and these plants are used to highlight a part of the house, for example, the wall that divides the kitchen room.


    The boa is another plant widely used to decorate environments and can also live in places that do not directly receive sunlight, however, they need to receive some light.

    They are perfect to be planted in small pots and used pendants or you can choose to place it next to support, so it becomes a vine, in both situations the environment is very charming.  

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