Dreamy beautiful Da Lat cloud hunting spots that are should not be missed

    Da Lat cloud hunting spots

    Da Phu Hills ? Da Lat

    Da Phu Hill locates on ward 7 Da Lat city, 20 kilometers away from the central, run along Yellow Valley direction. You should hire a motorbike and follow the instruction of Google Map for not getting lost.

    Da Phu Hill is a pine hill located on a plateau, a location with a beautiful view, often chosen by young people as a place to camp, organize BBQ parties, play music and sing together.

    If you travel to Dalat for rattan hunting, you cannot miss this Da Phu pine hill. As a rule of thumb, you can go to the hill from the previous afternoon, bring a full range of furniture, food and equipment to camp. After a night of fun and rest, wake up as early as 4-6 am the next morning to hunt for clouds.

    Each cloud comes down when the first light shines dreamily, making the pine hill both fanciful and elusive. Bring a quality camera or phone, worry not about capturing the breathtaking scenery you dream of.

    If you don’t camp overnight, you need to start early so you don’t miss the best chance to hunt. Note: in the early morning in Dalat, it is extremely cold, please wear thick warm clothes before departure.

    Da Lat Da Lat hill is not only beautiful when the clouds drift, when dawn or sunset will also dye this place a fanciful shimmering light. The quiet, pristine, idyllic hill, everywhere only pine and flower forest, is a suitable stop to enjoy the fresh air, cool weather, thereby dispelling everyday fatigue.

    Hon Bo Mountain Da Lat

    Hon Bo mountain is located in ward 12, about 12 km northeast of Da Lat city center. The mountain is 1709 m above sea level, from here looking down, you can see the whole city of flowers covered with a layer of mist, both dreamy and magical. The road to the top of Hon Bo is quite difficult, for more convenience, you should rent a motorbike to drive through the local trails. Follow Google Map so you don’t get lost.

    Every moment of the day, the top of Hon Bo brings a different beauty, dreamy at dawn, sparkling at dawn, although the mountain is quite high, the wind is not too great, the November sunshine is usually gentle and cool batch. In the afternoon, when sunset falls, the mountain will seem to be calm with sad colors, photographing people is not beautiful, but shooting scenes is very sparkling.

    According to Da Lat cloud hunting experience, the most appropriate time to come to Hon Bo is from 4:30 to 5 am. Clouds gather and dissolve very quickly, so it requires you to get up early. Before going, you should find out if the wind that day is great or not, if too big, the clouds will not gather.

    If you camp on Hon Bo mountain, you will have the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the starry sky. Without the artificial light to disturb, the sky seemed to be a deep black and blue, the stars were sparkling that could not be seen in the street far from skyscrapers.

    Cau Dat tea hill

    Cau Dat tea hill is about 26 km from Da Lat city center. You can go from Dalat market, cross Ong Dao bridge, turn right onto Tran Quoc Toan street and go straight about 300 meters to the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Ho Tung Mau street. Continue to ask the people to know more about the way to the tea hill.

    Early winter is the best time to go to Cau Dat Tea Hill to hunt for clouds. In the chilly weather, the clouds gather longer, spreading into loose white strips stretching along the hills, looking extremely beautiful. From 4h30-5h30 or 16-18h is the best opportunity to hunt rattan. You can stay until after 5:30 to wait for the sunrise, check-in at dawn.

    There is a wooden bridge here, a cloud hunting spot in Da Lat that many people look for. The wooden bridge is located close to the hillside, overlooking the towering mountains of the mountains. You can watch the clouds spread over the hills, sometimes even cover the carpets hunting clouds. The scene here is like a fairyland that will surely make you satisfied.

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