Cyber Monday Facts And Shopping Tips

Black Friday VS Cyber Monday

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales of the year for in-store and online shopping experiences with huge sales. However, we are fortunate enough to enjoy shopping for our favourite products on online platforms. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest sale days dedicated to online retailers stocking up their inventory.?

?The previous year, revenue over $10.8 Billion was generated by eCommerce businesses on Cyber Monday alone. The biggest sales day of the year helps customers to grab everything from online stores without the interacting crowd. However, Black Friday deals start earlier and all the goods on sale get out of stock in no time.?

Black Friday was introduced to compensate the retailers for the loss that occurred due to off hours on Thanksgiving day.

National Retail Federation (NRF) in 2005 interjected Cyber Monday to facilitate e-commerce traders. Cyber Monday is mostly benefited by businesses, online retailers, wholesalers, drop shippers and any consumer who wants to purchase in bulk.

The Cyber Week 

Black Friday best buy deals begin at the start of November till the completion of Cyber Monday. In some cases, Cyber Monday sale extends for the complete week and is termed as ?Cyber Week? or ?Cyber 5.?

Cyber week is the hyped time where shoppers try not to miss on any item, whereas retailers strive to sell every product from their inventory and make profits. 

Which Sales Event Takes the Lead?

Both sale events hold significance autonomously. Cyber Monday features overall huge discounts online. Shopping via online platforms just requires you to choose an item, put it in the cart and click on confirm the order. However, you will have to bear the shipping fee, wait for the product to arrive and blindly trust an online source. Although, if you are fortunate enough, you can find free shipping with Cyber Monday deals (that rarely happens).?

On the other hand, Black Friday enables shoppers to enjoy an in-store buying experience. Consumers can pick a product, and pay the price once they are completely satisfied. Moreover, there is no waiting in long queues, shipping charges or waiting for the goodies to deliver to your place. However, if you are ready to enjoy Black Friday shopping then get ready to face an overwhelming amount of traffic, crowd and an overall nerve-wracking day. 

Here are some useful tips to make your Cyber Monday the best one with a lot of shopping.

When is Cyber Monday? 

Cyber Monday is falling on Monday, November 29 this year. The sale event is occurring back to back with other celebratory ceremonies including Black Friday, and Thanksgiving, this can make the shopping spree a little overwhelming for buyers but in a most exciting way.

So, brew some caffeine, get a fast internet connection and a shopping list to relish your hauling online. 

Follow Your Favorite Retailers on Social Media

Want to stay updated? What’s better than scrolling down social media platforms? Retailers keep on updating the news related to sales, discounts and deals throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By following businesses on social media platforms you will be able to access the availability of products. Moreover, you can keep an eye on trending styles to grab what you need this sale season.?

Grab Combo & Bundle Deals

Grabbing the bundle deals is the best option to grab on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Entering the holiday season indicates wrapping gifts and novelties for our loved ones. The biggest sale events enable us to grab combo deals and give them away as a gift box to our peers. The offer is also beneficial for the drop shippers and wholesalers to gather an assemblage of the latest products.

Check Newsletters

You will get a chance to gain early discounts and deals via newsletters. Make sure to stay tuned and check your emails around sales season to book your order on time. 

Check Shipping Fee

If you are buying online from any shopping platform such as Amazon and Etsy then ensure to check the shipping charges as well as delivery details. It is vital to be aware of all the hidden charges so that you do not have to bear additional costs. 

The term Black Friday takes your brain to ramble in the crowds of millions, long queues, screaming kids, growling tummies, sleep-deprived eyes, and above all, products going “out of stock” because of the biggest sale of the year.?

Make Shopping List 

Lastly, do not spend every penny just for the sake of a sale. Make a list of all the gifts/novelties and seize the best products in astonishing deals and discounts. 

So, enjoy the opportunity of the biggest sale, stay safe indoors and hit the online stores this Cyber Monday. Looking for mind-blowing discounts and sales? We’ve got you covered! Shop Now


Now, you can decide whether to dive into the crowd on Black Friday or sit in front of a screen to munch on popcorn and fill the cart on Cyber Monday. Whatever the case may be, face the fears and shop till you drop on the biggest sale season. Happy Shopping!

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