Custom Iron On Patches – The Ultimate Guide To Creating And Applying

iron on patches

Have you decided to revamp your wardrobe while being on the budget? If so, think of something that would add an extra flair to your cheap and simple apparel. Custom iron on patches are the best idea in case you can’t think of anything else.

You can effortlessly turn your decent apparel into trendy staples with strategic planning and execution. To save your money further, learning the process to create and apply them is necessary. Once you master that, you can purchase thrift garments and upgrade them affordably to enhance the appeal of your wardrobe.

But before you let your creative ideas flow, read the following instructions to make and apply your custom iron-on patches.

Let’s dive into it!

How To Create Iron On Patches

Generally, there are three ways to create an iron-on patch that we will explain below. You can undertake the one that applies to you.

Method 1: Using An Inkjet Printer

Step #1: Use any phone that has the best camera result to take a picture of your patch’s artwork. If you don’t have one, borrow one from your family or friends. However, invest in one if you will create iron on patches for business purposes. Upload that picture to the computer. Make required changes to your photo using an editing program, such as resizing to the exact size and making it more vibrant. Insert inkjet transfer paper into the printer and turn it on to print the design onto the sheet. Let it dry properly.

Step #2: Next, set your chosen fabric on the ironing board and keep the printed image face down on it. Follow the instructions that come with your transfer paper and fabric to ensure you provide the right amount of heat. Any mistake at this moment would negatively affect your outcome. Carefully press the iron on the transfer paper and keep moving for the recommended duration to let the design peel off and stick to the fabric. Trim the fabric around the edges of the patch and voila your customized badge is ready!

Method 2: Using A Hand

Step #1: Choose the design you would like to see on your custom patch and transfer that to the paper. Either print it if you have a printer or sketch it if you possess decent artistry skills. Cut its shape with a pair of scissors and tape the artwork against the back of the fabric that you would use to create your badge. Place that cloth piece into the embroidery hoop and hold it in front of the window or door to let the light come in.

Step #2: Trace the design onto the fabric and choose the colours of your embroidery floss according to your design. Create an outline of your artwork using black or dark coloured hues and then, fill in the rest of the artwork. Tie thread knots on the back of your badge each time you change the yarn to keep the stitches intact. Trim hanging threads, cut the emblem from the fabric, and there you have it, your motif is ready for you to rock on!

Method 3: Using A Sewing Machine

The initial process of this one is similar to the above one, i.e. trace your art onto the fabric as explained. Make changes to your sewing machine’s settings so that it creates thick stitch lines and create zigzag stitches. Additionally, thread the needle and load the bobbin with your chosen thread hue. Place the fabric underneath the needle and gradually fill in the design with zigzag stitches. Have patience as filling in the design would take a while, depending on the complexity of your artwork.

Suppose it requires one or two colours, embroidering the motif would become quicker. Otherwise, the process will become time-consuming if your design requires multiple coloured yarns. Carefully lift the presser foot, turn around the design beneath the needle, and start making stitches. Whenever you switch to a different colour, reverse stitch over the last line to secure your embroidery. Remove any excessive thread once your design is ready using a pair of scissors.

How To Apply Fabric Fuse To Create Iron on and Velcro Patches

Buy a peel-and-stick fabric fuse from your nearby art and craft store. Plus, study the directions on the product package to avoid any mistakes while creating an iron-on backing for your badge. Put your emblem right side up on the sticky side of the fuse paper.

Once applied in the centre of the motif and then all around to adhere the fusible material to the badge. Cut out the piece from the fusible material sheet and the backing is ready. For more durability and secure attachment, order your iron on patches or velcro patches from a professional and reliable manufacturer. It would save you from the hassle and let you effortlessly amp up your style.

How To Apply Iron On Custom Patch: A Step-By-Step Procedure

Once your patch is ready, consider the following steps to apply it to your clothing:

Ensure Your Apparel Is Washed, Dry, & Wrinkle-Free1

The first step is to make your apparel ready for the application process. Wash it, dry it, and iron it properly to remove all sorts of wrinkles. Lay the apparel on the ironing board.

Set Up Your Ironing Machine

Set up your ironing machine to a temperature that is appropriate for your apparel and badge. Look into the care label to find out how high or low temperature you should choose for your application process.

Do The Final Preps

Place your customized badge onto the apparel and keep the parchment paper above it to avoid any damage. Press the ironing machine onto the targeted spot and slowly move it to don’t let it stay in place. Provide heat for a minute or two depending on your apparel and motif. Don’t touch or check the attachment after providing heat for some thirty minutes to an hour. Once it cools down completely, check the edges of the badge with your finger. Repeat the procedure if you find the border coming off the attachment.

Final Verdict

Custom iron on patches are an affordable and quick way to animate the look of your clothing or accessory. Creating it may consume your time but the results are worth your efforts. The first attempt may not be as good as you expected, but you will gradually get there! Once you get the grip of creating your iron-on badges, its application process will automatically become a child’s play for you. Thus, you would become capable of uplifting the beauty of any apparel and creating dashing attires.