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The most important lesson we learned during the past year is regardless of our planning, life can go awry. At this point, we have accepted that ordinary things like get-togethers, travel, and even work will not be the same. At least, not anytime soon. Therefore, many people have shifted their focus to areas which we still hold some control over. Such as how we spend our time and who we spend it with. Among the other little things in life, having the perfect wardrobe can make your days all the better.

The first few weeks of the pandemic might have been spent in hoarding essentials we thought were important. But when it came to fashion this period showed us that less might be more. We are witnessing a return of minimalistic options inspired by the 90’s. The affect of these outfits is definitely pared back yet never dull and boring. The items we have listed here are not limited to season but can flawlessly serve you all-year round.

All-purpose knits

A knitted polo comes on top for us, being relaxed and perfect for both dressing up or down. The fabric is soft enough to wear as a full-sleeved t-shirt. For a sophisticated put-together look it can be tucked into a classic high-waisted pants. Which are also a raging current trend. But more on that later.

b3 bomber leather jacket

Go-to denims

Denim options are leaning towards the plain and simple this year. A pair of high-rise Levi’s can be paired with a variety of tops suited to mood and occasion. You can either buy them new or find a vintage design if you prefer. Finish off your look with boots or loafers for that touch of effortless casualness.

Crisp cotton shirts

This piece of clothing is perfect for multiple occasions making it one of our absolute favorites. No need to dress in a whole suit for official meetings when you have a cotton shirt at hand. It will immediately give you that professional vibe without being uncomfortable or itchy. And what’s more? it can even be worn as a classy beach coverup alongside!

Silk scarves

To state the obvious silk scarves are timeless. An iconic accessory like that can enhance your outfits for decades in the future. We recommend this piece as worth investing upon. A Hermes scarf can even be bought second-hand to elevate your wardrobe.


Black is the color to go with when it comes to buying leggings. They offer you all the flexibility and comfort you need during a strenuous workout. On the other hand, you can pair them with sneakers and chunky sweaters for daily wear. It will be wise to get two pairs for both purposes.

Face mask

If you thought, we were going to overlook the most vital accessories of this season you are mistaken. Being socially responsible requires wearing a mask every single day for an unknown length of time. So, why not keep yourself well-stocked with cloth face masks. Having a diversified collection will keep you from getting bored and give more options to match with outfits.

Leather jacket

Never underestimate the power of a good leather jacket. It can go with virtually every article of clothing, and we are not exaggerating. A b3 bomber leather jacket is long-lasting, actually improves with wear, and makes any outfit look exceedingly cool. There are also a wide range of designs available from biker jackets to armed forces jackets. If clothes can improve your life, then leather jackets certainly come on top of that list.

Striped shirts

In 1858, a regulation was introduced for French naval sailors and quartermasters making striped tees their official uniform. More than a hundred and sixty years later it is still heavily influences fashion not only in France but globally. The height of minimalistic style this kind of top suits any gender and outfit preferences.

Tailored trousers

High-waisted pants, as we mentioned above are the bottoms of choice this year. Throw in a tailored fit and you cannot ask for a more flattering cut in pants. They look amazing on all body types, while being extremely comfortable to wear. Pair the pants with a tucked in t-shirt or chunky sweater for an elegant yet trendy attire.

 Trench coats

A coat can give you that put-together vibe even if you are wearing pajamas underneath. The authentic pea coats can either be worn open or closed according to your outfit. It gives a fresh touch to your attire during the time of the year when the weather is transitioning. Choosing one in lighter shades like cream or beige can do wonders over the simplest of outfits.

 Comfortable sweats

Loungewear is the most popular mode of clothing right now. We cannot get enough sweat pant sets in our wardrobe. The ultimate comfort wear, sweats with terry lining are the coziest thing you can ever experience. The super-soft fabric makes this outfit the one we reach out for the most on any day of the week.

 Luxurious socks

The satisfaction a good pair of socks brings you on daily basis is incomparable. Perfect for keeping warm and looking chic when worn with low tops, it is best to go for excellent quality. They might cost a bit more but will be worth investing. Make sure to buy the ones available in sets so you can get the most for your money. And that way you will also have more colors to choose from.

Here concludes our list of the items you must have in your wardrobe currently. Although fashion trends change rapidly, we have shared with you staple choices that are virtually timeless. We highly recommend Genuineleatherjacket.com for purchasing quality leather pieces. There is a huge collection of designs and styles available on the website which you can browse through. Each piece is tailored specifically to cater to the styling needs of our consumers. Having these items in your wardrobe can keep you fashion-forward for years to come.

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