How To Establish Credit With No Credit History?

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    In the financial world, it is an unwritten norm that a person who holds a strong credit history is given more priority for future loans and purchases. And credit cards can now easily be generated online using ( You must have come across the proverb ?To receive credit, you need to buy credit.? Often, this becomes an issue for beginners in the credit world.

    Most milestones like buying a car or a house, taking a loan, etc. require a credit history. A credit history works like a statement of justification for the bigshot banks. Sometimes, even acquiring a credit card is not easy because the credit history is an essential prerequisite. People with no past credits can avail very few credit cards up to their sleeves.

    Despite the fact that credit history is a significant issue, a novice can quickly establish credit in various practical ways. There are multiple ways to get credit without having significant loaning history. These simple tricks and treats can help you acquire loans within no time. This article is dedicated to providing you with certain useful information to establish credit. 

    What Is Credit History?

     Before getting into the nitty-gritty of establishing credit, it is essential to understand the concept of credit history. In simple terms, credit history is a detailed record of the repayments made by the borrower for the debts that he took in the past. The credit history provides us with valuable information and keeps track of the responsible rebates made within the stipulated period.

    A credit history comprises various essential components, including credit score and credit report. A credit report is a document that keeps track of the borrower?s credit history from multiple sources, banks, credit card companies, government agencies, debt collection elements, etc.

    Another essential component is the credit score. This data is the result of the algorithm applied to the borrower?s credit report and other sources of information to establish the future chances of delinquency i.e., chances of committing minor crimes or frauds.

    Credit history is an essential piece of document. It decides the terms of credit granted to the borrower, including the interest that needs to be paid. Most importantly, it affects your chances of receiving the credit from banks, and other recognized sources. Besides, credit history affects your ability to get hired, rent a place, or even utilize various services.

    Things To Do In Case You Have No Credit History

    A credit card history is an essential prerequisite for most banks to grant future credits. This can be a significant issue for people who have no prior credit expenditure. There are various effective ways to establish credit without any unnecessary hurdles. Some of the techniques are as follows-

    ? Establishing Yourself As An Authorized User

    This is the easiest and most simplified way to gain credit history. By becoming an authorized user of a family member?s card or even a friend?s car, you can take advantage of their credit history by linking it to your own. Another essential advantage of this method is that authorized secondary users have no liability.

    Hence, this is an easy and low-risk method of gaining credit. However, the key lies in choosing a credit card holder with a significant amount of confidence and who uses their card responsibly. Any negative actions or inconsistencies in the card holder?s history will automatically reflect in your account. This may dilute your chances of receiving future credit or enabling loans. Responsible owners work like the bank?s weaknesses. And this is the weakness that you must use to your advantage.

    ? Applying For A Secured Credit Card

    Secured credit cards are another way to build credit, especially if your credit history is negligible or non-existent. It is often easier to qualify for a secured credit card in comparison to a conventional credit card. This card is near-similar to any current card.

    The main difference is that you will have to pay a security deposit at the beginning to start the line of credit. This security deposit value varies depending on the source and often becomes your credit limit. The main motive is to choose the secured credit system that suits your requirements and finances.

    ? Acquiring Credit For Paying Monthly Expenses, Smartphone Bills, etc. On Time

    Apart from using secured or store credit cards to build your credit score, there are other methods to establish a credit history. Numerous financial institutions provide you with credit-building tools. Specific organizations charge you for such devices, while others offer you these services free of cost.

    The decision to purchase these tools lies entirely on your finances and whether you can afford the fees. Besides availing these tools, your credit history can only be active if you pay your dues on time. Responsible credit-card holders get the utmost priority for future credits.


    Credit history is an important document that helps you avail of future credit. Every financial milestone is affected directly or indirectly on your credit history. For beginners, establishing a credit history can be a tricky business.

    There are various methods to develop a credit history, such as applying for secured cards or store cards, making on-time payments, becoming an authorized user on your family member?s card, etc. However, these methods may only benefit you if you repay your debt on time and refrain from illicit or fraudulent activities. Hence, it is better to abide by the golden rule- ?Pay on Time?.

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