Creative Writing vs Copywriting: 5 Major Differences

In real terms, both contents writing and copywriting are involved in the branding and marketing of a company. The same goal of the factors does not mean that their role is also the same, and a company can make it work with a single factor. Both the factors involved in the sales and marketing of products and services of a company are equally important.

It is constantly considered that storytelling plays a significant role in briefing the customers about the product’s or the company’s back story, which generates authenticity in the customers’ eyes. Storytelling phenomena are utilized by all the top-notch companies and the ones with a significant number of customers; by this, it has been proved that storytelling has been playing a successful role in benefiting the company. The customers usually look for the company’s back story or the product when they are hiring the services for the first. The other reason is that they want to get relatable information about the product and services from reliable sources. In light of this fact, it is understood that storytelling, branding, and marketing play a significant role in the company’s success.  

The part of branding, marketing, selling, storytelling, etc., is run by different employees at the company. At times, a few employees play multiple roles depending on the company’s length. If you are planning to start a company or a small business and you are hiring employees for that purpose, the main thing that you need to know what is copywriting and content writing are and how are they different from each other.

Content Writing

The content writing in the company refers to blog writing, web content, guests post, etc. That indirectly leads to generating the sale of the company with the relevancy of the product or services in the content.

Copy Writing

Copywriting is used for the sole purpose of marketing and sales. When copying, a person must refer the customer to their product directly. For example, copywriting involves brochure writing, press release, and website content involved in the marketing strategies.

Let’s look at some significant differences between content writing and copywriting.

1. Freedom

When people are working in a company as content or a copywriter, they have the exact role of writing a sales page or a blog post. However, the level of independence varies.

Content writing

When working as a content writer, you can be as creative as you want. Content writing can flow in various directions. Keeping the company’s aim in your mind, you can write blogs and articles of your interest relevant to the aim. You can write dozens of guests posts with various ideas and strategies. There is no boundary for it. The sky is the limit for content writers embedded with creativity.


When working as a copywriter, you need to make sure that your content flows in a single direction that would consistently generate more traffic towards your company.

2. Personality

When deciding to look at the personalities of content writers and copywriters, you can witness the differences between them.  

Content writing

The job of a content writer is o creative and engaging when writing the content. For example, when writing blogs and posts for the company’s branding, they need to be creative to make the readers stick to the content till the end.


When working as a copywriter, you should have professionalism in your personality. Adding more to it, the personality of the copywriter does not require to be creative, but it should be engaging and sincere enough to gain the trust of the customers. Professional copywriting services around the globe believe in creating sales content in a persuasive and professional tone.

3. Production

Both content writers and copywriters work on the same vision, but they produce different types of content.

Content writing

Content writing is used for the following types of content

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Educational emails
  • Online campaigns
  • Video scripts
  • Guests post
  • About us of a company
  • Story writing

Copy Writing

Copywriting is used for the following types of content

  • Landing pages
  • Webpages
  • Sales copy
  • Promotional emails
  • Brochures
  • Taglines
  • Call to action
  • Short descriptions
  • Long descriptions

4. Approach

The vision of copywriting and content writing is the same, but the approaches are different.

Content Writing

An approach used in content writing is reaching out to the people via different content types and making them persuade so that they end up liking and commenting on your post if the result is not achievable, so the content writers further work on improvising the approach.


The approach utilized in copywriting is attracting the people towards itself and making them land directly in the chatbox or inquire about the services via other communication platforms.

5. Pay

pay is the most concerned era of most of you reaching out to this post. Though here is how the pay of content writers differs from copywriters.

Content writing

The individuals employed as content writers usually get paid by “rate per word” in some cases, the writers themselves set their charges. In other cases, the companies offering Creative Content Writing Service hire you according to their budget of paying per word. The content writers also get project-wise paid at times. Finally, companies sometimes hire content writers on the monthly wages depending on their benchmark. 


The individuals who choose to work as copywriters get more pay than content writers. The pay of copywriters depends upon the sales and profit that the company gets from the published copies. Concerning the job roles of copywriters, many companies offer great incentives based on the company’s sales.


These are the fundamental differences between content writing and copywriting. However, each holds a great value and has its pros and cons according to the people’s desires. No job in the world and no hard work has ever been a waste of time. When you work hard despite your job nature, you will be respectively granted the deserved value, promotions, and pay.

If you are an individual who is trying to enter a professional career and struggling between the two choices, content writing and copywriting, then you should go for the one that suits your skills.

  • If you are creative with your words and loves to write more, then go for content writing
  • If you are good at playing with the marketing strategies in your writing, then you should go for copywriting

In the other scenario, if you are running a company or working in the company’s developmental unit, you never get confused upon which wring you should choose to increase sales. It would help if you had both the departments working in hand to hand

  • The department of copywriting
  • The department of content writing

Both are equally important for the company’s profit.

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