5 Environmental Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

    corrugated cardboard rolls

    While almost all businesses are now getting checked for their impact on environment it is more vital than ever to opt for responsible packaging options. While shipping, brands like to know the effects of packaging materials they use on the environment along with how to reduce their carbon footprint.

    With high demand of green solutions by consumers, business owners know the benefits of using sustainable packaging such as corrugated paper rolls. With ethical shopping being the integral part of purchasing process, consumers are now more likely to select brands which are making reasonable efforts to be environmental friendly.

    So, if you are thinking to use corrugated packaging, here is how it will help your company to support responsible sourcing while also being eco-friendly.

    Let?s take a look at the top 5 benefits of corrugated packaging.


    The key ecological benefit of corrugated packaging is that they are produced from higher proportion of recycled papers or think cartons and can be again recycled once they have been used. Likewise, most corrugated boxes are made without bleaches or dyes which means they can be disposed of more sustainably unlike other materials that contain contaminants.


    Made from paper pulp, these corrugated boxes are predominantly manufactured from fastest growing pine trees though can also be produced from left over materials of several different paper making processes and woodchips. Plus most of the corrugated packaging materials are made from around 70-100% recycled materials.

    Packaging suppliers who trade large number of corrugated boxes usually harvest all their raw materials from sustainable forests and replace trees with seeds to start the process again.


    Corrugated packaging are not only easily recyclable & renewable but can also be reused and further helps to reduce the environmental impact as well as packaging cost.

    Most of the boxes are not disposed of instantly, so why not their durability be used to full advantage? Corrugated is known for its sturdy, solid solution which can sustain different weights, hence the boxes can be used again and again for range of products.

    Saves Energy

    As corrugated packaging materials are made from more recyclable components, they require less energy to be produced. Instead of making boxes from virgin materials most of the manufacturers make them from recycled content which minimizes the environmental damage induced by excessive transportation.  

    Products Protection

    Today most companies are making right-sized packaging boxes for their products to cut down on the waste material. In a long run, doing so can also help in reducing the carbon emissions of your business when it comes to transportation and shipping.?

    At Wellpack Europe, we offer corrugated cardboard rolls which are an excellent form of protective packaging materials for varied items to provide protection to your fragile items. Our vast array of packaging supplies range from kraft paper rolls to cartons and house moving kits. We ensure that all your items to be dispatched and delivered to your customers reach discreetly and safely.

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