How To Convert MSG To PDF File Format With Attachments

MSG is one of the important file extensions in which MS Outlook emails are saved. It is very easy to use the drag and drop method. Using this method, the user can get a message from Microsoft Outlook, drag it to the desired location on the system, and then save it with the MSG file. If it is important, email attachments will also be saved.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a platform-independent document file format. The attributes can be printed, edited, viewed, and sent to others. The file format is introduced by any pdf editor and can be opened on any system. It is a collection of descriptive content, full-resolution images, fonts, hyperlinks, etc. It helps users make presentations or project reports. Users need any kind of PDF editor on your system to read PDF documents. MSG and PDF are completely different from each other and are supported by different applications. The user will try to open the MSG file in Adobe. Then this is impossible because .msg cannot simply be installed on platforms other than MS Outlook. This helps the user to convert msg to Pdf with the help of several kinds of manual methods as well as DRS MSG Converter tool.

Reasons Which Affects  to Convert MSG to PDF

For all users, it is very difficult to convert an email format from one format to another.  This is a complete solution to help users easily extract MSG messages in PDF format. Users need to know why this is very important as well as useful for them.  format. These are some reasons which are mentioned below-

  • Users need to reduce the size of the email client by deleting MSG files from the server. 
  • One of the main reasons is that users can back up important MSG files in the folder and use them when necessary in the future. 
  • Users cannot prevent other users from dragging MSG files from Outlook to Windows Explorer. Users can convert MSG to PDF and use them in legal procedures. 
  • The PDF file format can  be used as a legal file format.
  • compatibility– PDF is a universal format that can be used to view and print documents on any device. This allows you to exchange message files while preserving the original format, images, and attachments.
  • Independent platform– PDF documents can be viewed on different operating systems. Any modern electronic device can open, read and print PDF messages.
  • Image and format– When converting MSG to PDF, you retain all the formatting and images in the original file. External images from Internet resources are loaded in your system.
  • Security message– By setting a password and electronic signature for each PDF file after MSG conversion, the content of the email can be protected.
  • Compliance requirements– Regulatory requirements or company guidelines often limit the storage of emails. After the limit is exceeded, you will no longer be able to receive any new messages. The old one can be deleted. Convert your email from .msg to .pdf, you can view it later without Outlook.
  •   Legal requirements– If your email is in a legal document format; H. In a non-editable form, PDF is the most suitable option. After converting MSG to PDF, you can send an email as legal evidence.

Manual Ways to Convert MSG to PDF Format

In this method, Users are learning conversion of msg to pdf in a manual way. Many users encounter problems when printing MSG files to PDF, but there is no direct way to export .msg to .pdf. However, if you want to easily migrate Outlook mail to PDF, please apply the manual migration process, or if you are not technically, please use a third-party solution. In addition, when you have thousands of MSG files, it takes some time to perform the manual process. Due to the risk of data loss, the conversion is high. You can use a third party MBOX File Converter tool to also convert your MBOX file into Outlook PST format and PDF, EML, EMLX etc.

Concepts to Convert MSG to PDF

To convert MSG to PDF with attachments in very several steps-

  • The user will open the utility settings.
  • Choose the folder with .msg files to convert.
  • Identify the target folder.
  • Run the utility, and all further work will be completely automatic.

When you look out Including with subfolders option, the original folder structure is preserved.

Key features of the conversion of MSG to PDF

  • Users will convert Microsoft Outlook emails from MSG to PDF, with the original folder structure.
  • Users will save the attachments to a separate folder, with links to the saved files in the message header, or embed attachments directly to the PDF file.
  • It allows users to save sender and recipient addresses from MSG messages to PDF files.
  • It also allows users to print Outlook emails to PDF with the page parameters already set.
  • It normally converts MSG files to PDF, renaming or skipping existing ones when necessary.
  • This command-line helps users to provide an application batch for converting MSG to PDF option.
  • You will maintain the data integrity of Outlook emails; links in emails are also saved when exporting to PDF format.

Save Outlook MSG as PDF

  • The user will save Microsoft Outlook MSG as PDF. Start Microsoft Outlook, and hit the pdf editor on the toolbar. 
  • In the submenu, users will see four options: “Selected Folder”, “Selected Email”, “Install AutoArchive”, and “Change Conversion Setting”. 
  • Change selected messages to PDF. In the “Recommended Message” section, then, choose the option “Create a new PDF” or “Add to an existing PDF”
  •  Select the email users want to save as PDF and perform right-click on it. Navigate to “Convert to PDF”, give the name of your PDF file, and hit on  “Save”. 
  • According to PDF editor, users will immediately save their attachments and emails as PDF files. Convert selected email folders to PDF- To save time, you can save all emails that you want to convert to PDF in one folder.
  • Then hit “Selected Folder” on the toolbar, and then select the appropriate fold to start the process of saving Outlook messages as PDF files.

Using MSG Converter tool – Professional Method to Convert MSG to PDF format

This method comes after the manual techniques due to the long process of the manual process create some issues. Now, we choose the automated solution i.e, DRS Softech MSG Converter tool that can easily convert them. This technique also helps to convert Msg to PDF with the help of software.? This software resolves all the mistakes which are done in the manual method. This software is full of attractive features which make it user – friendly.? Using this tool resolves all the problems efficiently. The features of this software are such as – removing the same type of messaging,? downloading the status report of the emails, etc. This software is very effective for users to short out their issues. You can find an effective way to work with DRS softech. Let see the video:-

Bottom Lines

In this, we discussed the two methods to resolve our problem. This blog will help the user to convert MSG to PDF manually as well as in an effective way or professional way. The professional method makes it easier to short out this problem while the manual method takes more time as well as more steps to fulfill this kind of problem. Such as If accidentally deleted Outlook data files then you can easily resolve it with the help of the DRS softech tool.  This all happens in a very easy way.