Different Approaches to Convert MBOX to PST format

convert mbox to pst

There are a number of emailing platforms that are available for users to store their day-to-day data. The MBOX and Outlook PST files are the most used email clients. Users rely on these email clients to keep their data safe and secure. Since Microsoft introduced Outlook, Every user has been able to convert MBOX to PST file format. Users are impressed with Outlook PST security features and want to shift their data from MBOX to Outlook PST.

The technology has become so vast that it takes work for users to protect their data. Therefore, users want an email client that can assure them of the security of their data. The Outlook PST file works in the presence of a network and is movable. Users can access their data whenever they want and through any device. To get all the essential information about the task, then users should go through the whole blog.

Why is it necessary to import MBOX into Outlook?

The MBOX is a simple text format that stores only the attachments and emails. On the other hand, Outlook PST holds the entire mailbox, including the contacts, calendars, etc. If users are willing to import MBOX into Outlook PST file format, they are asked to go through the reason behind it. Here, we are citing some of the advantages for the users.

  • Users require a strong internet connection while using MBOX file format, but there is no such requirement with Outlook PST.
  • Microsoft Outlook is a very cost-effective and easy-to-use email client. Therefore, users are asked to convert MBOX to PST file format quickly.
  • The MBOX file format is less advanced than PST, and most organizations prefer something other than the MBOX format for their day-to-day work.
  • Users face issues with MBOX file locking, as they cannot open it. 
  • Moreover, Outlook is available for users from anywhere, and this is a boon for many organizations. This will allow users to access their data whenever possible and through any device.

What are the different approaches to performing the task?

To perform the task, users have suggested two methods, i.e., the professional third-party tool and the eDiscovery methods. Earlier, every user used to trust the manual method only as it was the only way to convert MBOX to PST file format. Now that a professional method has been introduced, every user is willing to commence the task with a professional tool. It provides instant results without creating any issues. The professional tool will finish the whole task without consuming much time. 

Thus, it will become an easy task for the users if they opt for the correct professional third-party tool. However, it is a stimulating task for the users to look for a reliable tool. Therefore, in the following paragraph, we will discuss one of the popular utilities that will help users make the MBOX to PST conversion task smooth and easy-going.

Which professional tool is best for the task?

The Weeom MBOX to PST converter tool is a top-notch utility that will guide users in completing the whole task. A paid professional tool will provide proper security to user’s data. Users can run this MBOX to PST conversion task with this tool without any issues. Now, the software offers some fantastic features that will make the whole procedure very easy-going for the users. Go through the features of the tool cited below.

  • The tool can easily convert MBOX to PST file format without wasting time.
  • It can convert various MBOX files to PST files in a single go.
  • The tool provides an instant solution for this conversion without any glitches.
  • It allows users to add size MBOX files and splits the PST file into smaller parts.
  • Users can easily export the Apple Mac into PST files, Office 365, and a live exchange server.
  • It has a straightforward GUI that will make the whole procedure easy for the users.
  • This utility will maintain the data hierarchy and data integrity.
  • This MBOX to PST converter supports more than 20 email clients, i.e., Apple Mac, thunderbird, post box, Gmail, Eudora, Outlook, etc.
  • This utility can easily synchronize with Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating systems.
  • Before the conversion process begins, users can check whether their data is correct or not with the help of the preview option.
  • For future use, the tool allows users to save the status report of the entire task and look for it whenever required.


We want to summarize this blog by asking the users to use the cited tool to convert MBOX to PST file format. Having difficulty with your MBOX can create various issues with the user’s data. Users can rely on this tool as it is one of the trustworthy utility and it assure users for proper security of their data. The software comes with a free demo version so users can thoroughly review every tool feature.