A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best International School For Your Child

Selecting the right?international school in Kuala Lumpur?for your child can be challenging due to the number of schools available. How do you know which is the best for your child? Here is a guide for selecting the best?international school in Kuala Lumpur?for your child.

Check the curriculum

The first and most crucial thing to check before admitting your child to an international school is to check their curriculum. It would be best to prefer schools with an IBDP syllabus. Several schools also follow the British or French curriculum. These curriculums help students to develop profound knowledge about different topics and develop critical thinking skills.

IBDP courses are gaining popularity in recent times, as most international schools in Kuala Lumpur offer them. Thus, your child can pursue the same course even if you shift to a different country in the future.

School environment

Most international schools have a warm and friendly atmosphere. They implement different policies to welcome students from various cultures and ensure they are not discriminated against. Most private secondary schools in KL use different activities to ensure that the students mix well. Such activities help them to get rid of their cultural bias and accept differences wholeheartedly.

Thus, it is through these schools that your child would learn to interact with different communities. It helps them in the future when they move to a new country as they are already used to interacting with students from diverse backgrounds. Thus, your child would not have any problem adjusting to such an environment.

Check the facilities

Most international schools in Kuala Lumpur and other countries have several facilities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, a playground and much more. These facilities give the child an excellent exposure to all the necessary things required for their holistic development. Remember, you must select a school with a vast library.

A library is where your child can spend time to get the required studying materials or good books. Almost every?private secondary school in KL?have a well-developed library where the librarian assists students in selecting and reading specific books.

Teachers’ qualifications and experience

Parents must check for the teachers’ qualifications and experience before selecting a specific school. Though you do not require highly qualified teachers, it is crucial to look at their experience. Experienced teachers have particular techniques of teaching children that would help your child.

Are there enough extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are highly crucial for a child’s development. Remember, your child should participate in such activities apart from studies to strengthen their personality.

Extra-curricular activities have two benefits.

1. These activities help students to mix and develop a more tolerant attitude towards other communities. 

2. They prevent your child from being burdened with academics.

 Thus, selecting a school with a wide range of clubs and activities like singing, dancing is vital.

Consult with parents

With several international schools in Kuala Lumpur, selecting the best one might be challenging. Thus, it is crucial to consult parents whose children study in your shortlisted schools. Parents can provide important details about the school and its pros and cons. Feedback from parents can also help you prepare your child for any interview or test that schools might conduct for admitting students.


The guide above would help you select the best international school in Kuala Lumpur for your child. Though parents can check various other factors, the ones mentioned above are the primary. It would be best to choose a school close to your house or office so that your child does not waste too much time travelling.

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