Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Home Decor with Wall Art

Are you searching for a strategy to upgrade your home’s plain walls? Well, starting with finding the perfect wall art, acquiring your unique art pieces, to furnishing them in your room, decoration requires effort and time.

Nevertheless, using our complete guide, you can make the decoration of your wall with art easy and fun. Even if you only intend to refurbish a wall design or decorate an entire building, you’re reading the right guide. We will help you pick an appropriate wall decor according to your preference and guide you on how to hang it. Here’s a complete guide to decorating your wall with art.

Types Of Wall Decor

If you’re looking at blank walls in your house and striving to find out what will suit you best, you may want to know the various types of wall art materials you can use first. Here are the alternatives you can select from:

metal photo prints

1. Metal Prints

Metal prints are a great way to take prints to the next level. They are perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor wall decoration. Usually, the metallic panels with a thickness of 0.45 inches are circumnavigated around the corners of your house. Therefore, you can enjoy this artistic design without any safety concerns. You can opt for a brushed metal surface and a stylish metallic tone or a genuine color surface with a pure white base coat. It all depends on your preference. These metal photo prints are fully customizable so you can add your own art, photography, or any pictures for a personalized touch.

2. Hanging Canvas Prints

The hanging canvas prints are stylish with a magnetic frame that displays beautifully in your rooms. The material is made using a poly-cotton canvas with a semi-gloss finish to guarantee that the quality corresponds to the memories they exhibit.

3. Mounted Wall Art

The lightweight picture board utilized for this particular wall decor has a polished, contemporary appearance. With this wall art design, you can opt to buy your preferred designs with or without a picture frame. Additionally, you can select from sepia, black, full color, and white tones.

4. Wood Art

The beauty of this wall decor is that it enables the wood grain to display through pictures, giving a distinctive appearance. Therefore, if you’re searching for a woodsy appearance and feel for your house, this is the best wall decor for you.

Wall Art Hanging Ideas

If you’re looking for wall art hanging ideas, here are some that can get you started.

1. Three Panels

The three panels are one of the best wall art ideas since they perfectly fit various decor styles. Whether you intend to display a spectacular holiday picture in your living room or a magnificent vista for your dining room, three panels give a feeling of style and splendor.

2. Botanical

If you like taking care of nature or you love how they appear, a botanical-themed display will be your perfect choice for your home. You can opt to include ferns or succulents or include your treasured outdoor photos flaunting next to your houseplants. Here, you can play with hanging ideas as much as your creativity allows.

3. Shelving

Did you know that you can leverage extra shelving to enhance your wall art decor in your house? For a start, you can combine hanging canvas, photo plaques, and shelving nick-knacks to give home space a sense of personality. However, ensure you don’t clutter your shelves by restricting the number of objects on the shelves and leaving some gaps between the pictures.

Where Can You Hang Your Wall Art Decor?

If you haven’t decided where to hang your preferred wall decor, you don’t need to get worried. Here’s an index of popular places where you can add wall art to your house:

  • Your kitchen area
  • The living room
  • Your bathroom
  • The hallway
  • Over a coffee table or desk
  • Your bedroom wall
  • The dining room
  • Above the mantel
  • Accent wall

Concluding Remarks

In the end, the way you hang your wall art decor entirely depends on your preference and how creative you can be. If you have already acquired your canvases or photo frames, try sketching various wall decor designs on your wall. According to Forbes, the secret is for you not to be afraid of experimenting with various wall art decors. Ultimately, this complete guide to decorating your wall with art can assist you in enhancing the appearance of your home.