A Complete Checklist for Buying the Best Second-hand iPhone Online

Thinking of purchasing a second-hand iPhone online? You might save a lot when you choose to buy a used iPhone, however, the number of risks involved are great when shopping for second-hand iPhones.

If fixing your broken iPhone with wholesale iPhone parts USA seems like a lot of work then buying a second-hand iPhone is a good idea. However, reading the product description and clicking on the buy now option is not enough.

There are many authenticity concerns when customers choose to buy a used or second-hand iPhone. Therefore, if you want to minimize the risks and get your hands on the best second-hand iPhone then here are a few things that you want to check.

Below we have listed a complete checklist that you need to go through before buying a used iPhone online.

1.? ? Evidence of Purchase

You need to ensure there is a valid proof of purchase for the iPhone you are going to buy. Ask the seller online to offer you either a hard copy or soft copy of the original receipt when given at the time of purchase.

The receipt will tell you the information related to the iPhone?s previous ownership and overall warranty period left to claim for the device. Make sure to check if the seller?s ID or name matches with the info present on the receipt.

You will get to know if the seller of the iPhone online is the owner of the iPhone or not. However, if the seller is not able to provide you with a receipt, then decide whether you wish to purchase the device or not.

While some iPhones can still function in good condition despite having multiple owners respectively, the chances of dealing with security risks and misuse could be higher.

2. ? Serial Number

For warranty validation on its devices, Apple issues a unique serial number for all of its devices including the iPhones. It is important to check the iPhone serial number before you purchase to learn more about the device and whether it is a good decision to buy it or not.

The serial number can be accessed by going to the Settings and then General and then About. With the serial number, you can find valuable information such as the time and country of manufacturing of the device.

The serial number further provides information of overall device specifications and warranty period.

3. ? IMEI Number

Aside from the serial number, you must also check for the IMEI number of the iPhone before purchase. The IMEI number will have the essential specifications of the device and you can check if this information matches with the receipt provided by the seller online.

The IMEI number will have more other valuable information such as mobile device network, system version, etc.

4. ? Touch Test

You need to be absolutely sure if the iPhone is in good condition or not. Therefore, ask the seller to go a little extra mile to offer you a touch test for the device.

The touch test will give you proof if the iPhone?s physical and screen functionality are active or not. The seller can provide you the touch test online by recording a live video for a demo of the device functionality.

You wouldn?t want to waste your money on something which won?t work after a few months use.

5. ? iPhone Parts Authenticity

One of the major concerns when it comes to buying a used or second-hand iPhone is the authenticity of the device’s parts. You can start by asking the seller whether the parts of the iPhone have been replaced at any point or not.

And also enquire whether the parts have been replaced by an Apple authorized repair company. Repair done in unauthorized centres may mean that the parts used for the iPhone may not be authentic.

Cheap quality LCD screens not only take away the visual appearance of the iPhone but also hinders the overall functionality of the device. This is why it is very much important to check the authenticity of iPhone parts before purchasing them.

Make sure to tick all of the boxes of this checklist in order to ensure you are purchasing the best second-hand iPhone online. Don?t rush into buying the first option you see online and explore to buy the best one.