With the winter comes Christmas, with the Christmas comes Santa!

    christmas 2020

    Grab Santa?s hand and rebuff Satan in challenging times

    Wonder why the name Santa Claus goes almost synonymous with Christmas? Well, Christmas 2020 is a festival of love and Santa Claus is a symbolic figure that is associated with the season of Christmas who descends from the heavenly skies into this world and spreads great amount of love, happiness and joy.

    Santa is seen as an opposite to the Satan, where, the Satan is known for his greed, evil, jealousy, hatred, violence and fear, Santa Claus is known for his kindness, love, compassion, wisdom, courage, and carefree nature.

    Did you know Santa Claus was once a saint?

    Yeah, that?s true. The word Santa Claus comes from a Dutch word SinterKlaas, and its origins, most probably, lie in the 280 A.D monk called Saint Nicholas, who is believed to have been born in modern day Turkey or Eastern Europe.

    There are numerous stories spun across the monk: his godliness, his goodness, kindness, and loving nature, and how he was such a generous soul. He became increasingly popular over all of Europe and people from everywhere came to see and meet him.

    St. Nicholas is particularly famous for the gifts he used to give away to the poor andhe is considered as one of the most revered saints among the Christians and even after the reformation period when the Protestant denomination originated Saint Nicholas?s popularity and respect didn?t die down.

    So, Saint Nicholas became the Christmas Santa!

    Saint Nicholas died on 6th of December, so on this day his anniversary is celebrated worldwide among the believers. He began to be considered the father of Christmas during the period of Henry VIII in England, when a large jolly man, in high spirits, wearing green robes with fur lining, was portrayed.

    The man has ever since been a symbol of Christmas and no Christmas can be complete if there was no Santa in it.

    Children love him from the bottom of their hearts

    Haven?t you been excited as a child on the night before Christmas, thinking what would Santa bring for you the next morning?

    Santa is actually very popular among the children who see him as a divine old man with magical powers who is there to take their messages to God, distribute gifts among them and spread love and hope.

    Santa Claus wears spectacles sitting low on his nose as he looks at everyone from above the lenses, symbolizing watching the world afresh without the lenses of bias and judgement.

    The thick white beard gives him an aura of wisdom and knowledge, whereas, red gown or coat that he wears is a symbol of love, compassion, and energy. Where the Satan encourages people to be sad, unhappy and miserable, Santa has a duty pull the sad world out of the abyss of misery and pain, and cheer them up.

    Apart from everything else Santa?s carefree laughter is his, say, trademark; a laughter so loud and big that it can take away all your worries.

    Which is your favorite Santa Clause movie?

    Santa Clause has been featured in the Hollywood quite frequently, mostly, in children movies. But, Santa has been featured in crime and action movies too; shown as an impostor who wishes to commit a crime and needs to make his way into a restricted place, so by putting on the Santa Claus attire the criminal is able to pull off the crime without ever getting caught.

    But movies made with a theme of Christmas will surely have a Santa, because, as I said earlier, Christmas without Santa is not complete.

    Some famous actors who have played as Santa in the entertainment industry are Tim Allen, Ed Asner, Edmund Gwenn, Jim Broadbent, Paul Giamatti, and many more. If you?re a WWE fan then you?ll know that they celebrate the festival of Christmas from the very beginning of the month and there?s only one superstar/wrestler who fully fits in the role and description of a Santa Claus and that is Mick Foley.

    Share the joy, keep it going!

    We have all experienced that joy and excitement of a Christmas morning as children, isn?t it? It?s our duty to keep the tradition of spreading happiness and love going by keeping Santa Claus alive in our children?s minds.

    To end with, Santa has a very special place in all of our hearts and allowing the tradition of dispensing peace and happiness to end or be replaced by modern gadgets won?t do any good to us,instead it will just take away another beautiful source of joy from our lives.

    Therefore, we must keep the flame burning and pass this lovely tradition of sharing smilesand laughter on to the coming generations.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

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