Want To Create IOS Application? Know Why Should You Choose Swift

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Swift is a programming language that is based on approaches that are new to software design patterns, efficiency, and safety. The only project purpose of Swift happens to be to build the best programming language for diverse applications, including desktop applications, system programming, cloud services, and mobile applications. The specialization happens to teach different essentials of programming in the realm of iOS application development. Here comes some of the tools developed by the app developers India like XCode. It has to create interfaces while accessing and interacting with the usability.

The UI and XI design, implementation, integration, and QA of iPad and iPhone applications get included in the iOS app development services.

Statistics that one must know

Apple introduced Swift at the Worldwide Developers Conference in the year 2014. Until then, it underwent several adjustments, changes, and enhancements. Here are a few statistics that one must know before choosing Swift.

  • Swift has secured the 8th rank among the most widely used and recognized programming languages in the year 2019
  • The creators of the IOS applications are literally head to toe over Swift. It is known to hold the 4th spot among the most loved programming languages.
  • In comparison to any other application development language, Swift is known to offer the best. The developers who specialize in this programming language receive a ransom amount of salary every year.
  • TIOBE and PYPL index bolster are other reasons for such popularity of Swift.

It is seen that with each passing year the usage is getting escalated.

Why startups are choosing Swift user interface for iOS application development services

Swift is known to dramatically answer the current trajectory of the iOS application development services. It is one of the elementary programming languages for the operating system of Apple. This language somehow aids the entrepreneurs in diverse ways. Taking the previous conditions into consideration, the development of any iOS application used to take a long time. 

At the same time, the concept to hire iOS app developers was considered to be a challenging task. Most of these programs were created with the help of Objective C. It was one of the time-consuming processes. But the major features of Swift have swept down all these disadvantages. Some of these features include:


With any programming language syntax happens to be the collection of rules and norms that usually highlights their word orders and the interdependencies. Swift is one of the subsets of Objective C. There can be variations in the invocation methods, enumerations, classes, constant declarations, and cycles.

When one compares the structure of Objective C, one can conclude the structure to be relatively straightforward. Swift offers an out-of-the-box experience for the user therefore, one can grow the business efficiently.


Objective C happens to be the integration of the open source libraries that holds the solutions for any routine jobs. It allows one to reduce the program while conserving an extensive amount of memory on the device.

Reasons for choosing Swift to create an iOS application

Easy to code

For any elaborate solutions, a developer would require complex command lines. But on the contrary, Swift is concise and helps to minimize LOC. IT results in more speedy development and efficient working. Difficult activities actually require a few lines of code. The code reusability happens to be high, which helps to save time. At the same time, the developers can remember the different elements of the piece of code that they want to reuse or have used in any other part of the project or the entire piece.

Linux development

Swift can be used to construct cross-platform applications for Linux, IOS, and OS X. When objective C gets missing the obvious application of Swift can be seen in the Linux environment.

Data management

The ability of Swift to handle the data at an alarming rate is one of the areas where it simply excels. It helps to optimize the operating systems and native quotes. The developers can now rewrite several groupings as structures. It helps the job to complete in a significantly lesser time than what Objective C requires.


Objective C was used for iOS application development. But it had one major flaw. The capacity of the language to grow was difficult as it was the subset of the C programming language. To solve this problem, the developers started creating another language that helps a lot to get rid of these issues. These Swift programmers used their time in order to construct application logic while enhancing the quality of the code.

Highly interactive

One can use swift to receive an email save experience. It allows the developers to receive the result as they keep on coding. For any mobile service provider, Swift offers this advantage. Any coding issues can get corrected or detected during the coding. One can also look for any loopholes in the code while computing the variables.

Lightning speed

The algorithm calculation matrix of Swift is the fastest. The language operations happen to be substantially faster. It is what makes Swift the best choice among the developers. At the same time, it allows the developers to employ high order and generic functions that can result in reusable and clean codes. Due to this reason, one can save time.

Open source

The open source attributes of Swift happen to alter the appearance of the language. As it was made open source in the year 2015, it can update the code, build the email list and track any issues. The company can also take up feedback from their people. It allows Apple to make necessary adjustments. Swift happens to support the Linux-based platform while making itself more flexible. Due to this, if you hire iPhone app developers India, they would prefer to work with swift.


The swift programming language is known to have a substantially lower error rate than that of the Objective C programming language. Due to the error management and improved type system capabilities, the swift language prioritizes safety. Developers can immediately identify their faults in the software as the language offers quick feedback loops. It also increases the error tracking capabilities while providing better safety.

No blockage of memory

Swift is known to support dynamic libraries. Due to this reason, it works like a breeze. There happens to be no memory clogging in the swift as it does not take the help of static memory. As the dynamic libraries have only one copy, therefore, the footprints can be significantly reduced. It results in no blockage of the memory.


Swift happens to be a new programming language that extracts different beneficial features from objective C. At the same time, it adds a slew of new ones that help the developers produce more dependable and safe programs in iOS app development services. It quickly rose to prominence as one of the popular programming languages for developing user-friendly and compelling mobile applications. The speed at which it acquired momentum happens to be incredible. All these factors make it to be the 20th programming language in the development services.


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