Interesting Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Office

Valentine’s Day is all about love and affection, a day associated with flowers and chocolates. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show affection in your workplace. No matter what occasion it is, you can also celebrate the bond of love with your co-workers. This can be done in an appropriate and fun manner by decorating the office, sharing cool teddy bears, etc.

Why Valentine’s Day Celebration at Work, A Great Opportunity

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some prime ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and positively impact your team.

Promote appreciation: If the employees are appreciated for their efforts, they feel rewarded and motivated.

Increase Positivity: One of the easiest ways to increase productivity in office by indulging your employees in various team activities. You can distribute cookies and play Bingo, effectively decreasing stress levels and encouraging creativity.

Encourage a Caring Environment: Individuals will feel psychologically safe if you foster a caring environment on this special Day.

Brighten Up Their Mood: You can organize some fun Valentine’s Day games and celebrations to help lift the mood and spread some cheer.

Inclusive Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Workplace

Host Lunch or Order Breakfast

It’s time that you grab some pastries, cakes, fruits, chocolates, and other sweets for the office, or order some favorite breakfast dishes of your team. Further you can decorate the office desks with some Valentine’s Day tablecloth, flowers, and scattered paper hearts. For some extra magic, you can sprinkle in some sweetheart?s candy.

Share Goody Bags

Get some goody bags for all your employees and fill them with candy, gift cards, and a handwritten note for added gestures.

Decorate the Office

One of the easiest and best ways to decorate the office during Valentine’s Day is to place pink, red, and white balloon bouquets around the office and employee desks.

For those who aren’t present in the office that Day, you can send them to your employees’ homes. You can distribute heart decals for Laptop screens and streamers to decorate chairs. How about taking it a step further by ordering edible flower arrangements!

Gift Employees Mason Jars full of Candies

Surprise your employees by leaving mason jars filled with candy treats on their desks and surprise them in the morning. Fill the mason jar with heart-shaped candies and chocolates. Alternatively, you can cover the top with a Valentine’s Day cupcake wrapper and add a colorful ribbon. Give a personal touch by adding a fun note, and place a sticker on the jar with each person’s name to make it feel that they are being cared for.

Give Some Relaxation by Starting Late

Bring a smile on the face of your employees by asking your team to start work later than normal office timings. You can be generous by asking them to focus on themselves, friends, partners, or family. This way, you can give your team some more time to refresh and feel appreciated.

Host a Tea Party

Another amazing idea is to host a tea party. Bring heart-shaped cookies, prepare a selection of teas and coffees (for coffee lovers), and break out the cucumber sandwiches! Decorate the table with a red tablecloth, scattered hearts, red and pink bear on the center of the table as a table decoration. Schedule this beverage party for the early afternoon, when everyone’s energy is getting low. Again, take into consideration everyone’s dietary preferences and restrictions so that no one feels left out.

Play Valentine’s Games with Prizes

How about playing Bingo in the office? Give bingo game sheets and distribute chips and other snacks to employees who want to participate and play some office games. Prizes can be just anything, from gift cards to cool teddy bears, local restaurants to lunch with the boss.

Test Your Estimation Skills

Fill some large glass jars with candy and chocolates and play the game where everyone in the team has to guess how many items there are in the jar. Whoever makes the closest guess will take that chocolate and candy jar home. But of course, you’ll have to count all the matter inside first!

Set Up an Appreciation Bulletin Board

You should set up a bulletin board, spread out markers, and hand out paper hearts and give tasks like ‘Share the various ways you’ve felt appreciated at work.’ Leave on the board at the same place throughout the month of February to encourage peer recognition.

Give Recognition to Good Work Publicly

Form an employee recognition and rewards program like giving bonuses to show appreciation publicly. You can even offer your team a huge catalog of rewards. Also, Valentine’s Day is a great day to share these kinds of appreciation with colleagues.

Provide 15-Minute Massages

Make everyone feel relaxed by bringing a professional masseur and offering 15-minute massages to everyone. Another way is to get an ergonomically designed hand-held massager that everyone can use on their own. Massages are effective in reducing stress, improving morale, and decreasing injuries.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your remote workers! Send an e-card to them, mail them a goody bag with chocolates, cool teddy bears, and invite them to participate in Valentine’s Day activities via online conferencing.

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