Secrets behind the Causes of Back Pain

    back pain

    Back pain is a condition experienced by a significant number of people. It results from injury, old age or underlying conditions. At times people of old age are usually affected as a result of the previous occupational jobs.

     Here you are going to be guided on the causes of back pain generally. After which you will be able to take precautions, you can imply to avoid the likely causes. The causes are classified into three:

    • Low back pain
    • Middle back pain
    • Upper back pain

    Middle and upper back pain occurs around the area, starting from the bottom of your ribcage to the base of your neck. Usually, this type of back pain is not as common as the lower back pain. Simply because the middle and the upper back work together with the ribcage to protect the vital organs like the lungs.

    Here are the common causes of back pain that you need to keep in mind.

    1. Poor Sitting Posture

    Poor sitting posture mainly occurs in the workplace. As a result, the strain is imposed to your back due to the sitting posture and movements while sitting. They include overstretching, twisting your back, bending in the wrong pose for an extended period, and twisting.

    Not forgetting, straining your neck while working on your computer or driving without breaks contribute immensely to back pain. For instance, while using computers, you have to ensure that you break for sometimes to avoid the piling of pressure on the spinal cord.

    Also, sleeping for a long time in a mattress that does not support your back. This makes your back tilted at some point. Remember that while sleeping, your spine is supposed to be straight to avoid straining it.

    2.    Underlying Medical Conditions

    Underlying medical conditions usually affect the spinal cord. As a result, it causes back pains. Here are some of the common medical conditions that people experience back soreness.

    a.    Spinal Cancer

    Spinal cancer comes due to abnormal multiplication of cells within the spinal cord or bones, nerves, tissues, or fluids compressing it. Due to the compressing tumor forms at the spinal canal, leading to back pain. Back pain is one of the symptoms of mainly identified for spinal cancer.

    b.    Cauda Equina Syndrome

    The sheet of nerve roots within the spinal cord, starting from the lower end of the spinal cord, is referred to as the cauda equina. For instance, the condition comes with several signs and symptoms, with back pain being one of the common signs. Consequently, the pain comes as a result of the damaging of the sheet of nerve cells causing the back pain.

    Other underlying conditions include sleep disorders, spinal infections, and shingles. However, most of these conditions are not common, but they lead to back pain.

    3. Spondylosis

    Spondylosis is a condition that happens to the spinal cord due to old age. For instance, the spinal cord weakens, causing back pain. Equally important, this doesn’t have to cause back pain to all .Keep it in mind that all people who age have their spinal cord weaken.

    Last but not least,, the thinning occurs in the disc of the spines, with the spaces between the vertebrates becoming narrow.

    Final Thoughts

    Back pain has no specific cause. It varies from different personalities. It is in your best interest to know and try to avoid some objects that you can avoid.

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