Are Aviator Jackets Still in Fashion?

Fashion is an ever-changing system, but certain styles never go out of fashion, and ‘Aviator Jackets’ are definitely one of them. For years, they have been a wardrobe staple for both men and women. The trend can be rooted back to fighter pilots’ wardrobes but has evolved over time. At […]

Choosing Safe Water Shooter Toys For Kids

Water cannons, oh my. You’re a summertime mainstay at every fun activity. Many of the gadgets that your children are fascinated with today get not available when you were a child—ahem, tablets and hoverboards, anyone? On the other hand, Toy water guns are a tried-and-true toy that hasn’t lost their […]

Shopping Guide for Women in their 50s

Shopping for clothes in your 50s can be very frustrating. You might find that you need a new wardrobe because of the changes taking place in your body and lifestyle. Also, you’re finally buying yourself some nice things after years of being frugal. Whatever your reason, it is essential to […]

6 Styling Tips for Anyone Who Wears Glasses

If you wear glasses, you are certainly not alone. In fact, the numbers tell the story. For instance, the Vision Council Of America says that about 75 percent of adults use some kind of vision correction, with 64 percent wearing eyeglasses. Those statistics are higher than most people would imagine. […]