custom noodle packaging

Instant Noodle Packaging Design

Get me that red pack of noodles with yellow strips, or orange pack with a blue name? This has been the way we have been buying noodles since forever. Have not packaging designs taken over the whole product and the business? Most of the time we may forget the name of the brand or the…

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birthday cake


So many options, yet so little time to decide! Wracking your brain over your kid?s first birthday cake design? Worry no more! We, at Toujours, have incredible cakes that you could order from our online cake store. But if you wish to have a specially designed customized cake, here’s a list of cake ideas you…

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bodybuilding food

Best Bodybuilding Food

The intensity of your exercise and the consumption of calories by regular meals go hand in hand. Works to help in muscle achieve the maximum amount of calories. Hard training doesn’t count as long as you don’t add nutritional meal to your diet. For anyone who wants to build muscle or even lose weight, nutrition…

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Penang Food Delicacies

Guide to the Penang Food Delicacies

Penang has been a world-renowned destination for your next holidays. From its scenic beauty to the lip-smacking plates of food, Penang has everything. There are plenty of things you can do in Penang, and the most essential is to satiate your soul with the lip-smacking food. The street of this oh-so-surreal place presents a lot…

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best brownies

Best Brownies in India

Pure. Indulgent. Heavenly. Brownies have fascinated and appealed to the young and old for a number of years now. Originally started in the west, this detectable dessert is much loved as a post-lunch dessert or a midnight snack.  There is so much more to a Brownie than it being a chocolate square. Brownies comes in…

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Creamy Cakes

New Year Bash with Creamy Cakes

New Year is special. It gives new hope and strength to face all the unknown things in future. So it?s necessary to welcome the new beginnings with so much merry and open-arms. A loud bash with your friends and family make it great. But what?s a New Year party without some delicious cakes? One needs…

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