Spelling has long been seen as an important part of the English/language teaching practicum. The understanding and use of the traditional written list of information in the recording process, as well as the teaching required to acquire this understanding.  The requirement for spelling groups of consonants similarly from word to […]

Fortify Career with Professional Accounting Course

Accounting encompasses skills like handling revenues, transactions and finance. Professional accounting course is capable of opening up vistas of opportunities for anyone. Pursuing accounting courses will arm an individual with skills and knowledge applicable to multiple industries. The accounting course online classes held by the eminent educators at George Telegraph […]

7 Ed-tech Tools needed for your Smart Classroom

Smart classrooms are the present and future of the education sector. Although there has been a lot of buss around these, there is little knowledge about these classrooms. Therefore, we bring to you the essential ed-tech tools you need to run smart classrooms in smart schools. 1 The Interactive Whiteboard […]

How can I Improve My Spelling Score in PTE?

Are you preparing for the PTE English test? It is a critical factor for you to understand the significance of spelling. You might be a pro while speaking English, but you failed miserably during writing or typing the answers! If it’s the case, you need a significant improvement on spelling. […]