How to Continue Growing your Tutoring Business?

Tutoring, especially in India, has been a very competitive industry, to begin with. A lucrative market with no shortage of customers (read students), the market has gone to become a $5 billion industry worldwide. The industry has its fair share of competitors such as franchises, teachers and college professors looking […]

6 Reason to choose Online Quran Tutor

Learning Quran must on top of our responsibilities as a Muslim. Unlike other books, Quran is a complete code of life. It discusses how a person should conduct them in worldly and religious affairs. It also talks about women rights, something which has gained considerable attention these days. However, not […]

Expensive Repairs after Accident Crash

Besides the trauma of suffering the accident, your financial position also gets affected due to this. You have to pay for the damage that happened to your car in the event of the accident and this can cause you another trauma. Here are the most expensive car repairs after the […]

How to Join Online Quran Academy

Every man and woman must get an education. It is even more important for women to be educated because they are responsible to raise the whole generation. The learning of the Quran is essential because it is a book of guidance and by following the teachings of the Quran we […]