Best tips to improve grammar during writing

Grammar is a subject that worries numerous studies as it could be extremely confusing and challenging at times. Nonetheless, correct sentence structure is significant for your writing and achievement, both as a learner and as a future worker. It is hence vital to know a few simple techniques to improve […]

What is manga?

The term “manga” combines under this name all creations relating to Japanese comics. Like comics from North and South America and Europe, manga combines an almost endless array of genres and styles. They draw their inspiration from science fiction, like Katsuhiro Otomo’s cyberpunk dystopia Akira, from historical fiction like Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha, […]

Technology’s Impact on online education

Technology has changed the whole framework, new ways of technology are introduced. In the past students found it difficult to understand the mathematics concept, now you can understand them with the help of online tools like fraction calculator, and online integral calculators. These concepts are difficult to understand for students. […]

Online Education For BBA Distance Course

The program of BBA is also known as the Bachelor of Business Administration. LPU BBA distance course is one of the most popular and valuable bachelor’s degrees program. LPU’s BBA distance course is pursued by an applicant after the 12th class. The Bachelor of Business Administration program is the doorway […]