What Are The Different Types Of Products Available With Carpet Manufacturers In Delhi?

carpet manufacturers in delhi

Carpets are the attractive features of every house, and many beautiful designs and colors are available. Most carpet manufacturers in Delhi provide various types of carpets with different designs and materials. There are two main types of carpets: handmade carpets and machine-made carpets. In this type, the handmade carpets are more costly than the Mchine-made products because the handmade product is from experience designers and created perfectly with hands.?

Most companies provide machine-made carpets than handmade carpets because the machines are the best option for delivering mass productions. The handmade products take 2 to 3 weeks for a single product. Hence, companies prefer machine-made products, and these machines create a whole set of products within an hour, increasing the company’s production value. These are some of the common points about carpet manufacturers. 

Working Process Of Carpet Manufacturers In Delhi

The carpet manufacturing companies use various raw materials to create their products, and they start with converting raw materials into threads. And they load the product in different huge bobbins and use them for looming with the help of power looming machines that help join the lines and create new carpets on the primary layer. After completing these processes, they provide a latex coating at the back of the rug to make it strong and durable. 

This latex process or the plastic coating will help the carpet be strong and cover the coating of other layers of thin cloth. After all these processes, the product comes out for sales, and many manufacturing companies provide these kinds of products. They also have various designs and color variations that help the customers choose the product according to their needs. All these are the working process of carpet manufacturers. 

Different Types Of Carpet Materials

Many different carpet materials are available, and many companies use these materials to create carpet products as per customer needs. Those materials are

  • Woolen
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic
  • Jute
  • Recycled

All these are the carpet materials that are helpful to create various types of carpets with different designs and sizes. Each of these materials has its unique features, and these materials help develop multiple types of carpet products. Some people like silk carpets and some like cotton so, these companies provide all kinds of products to satisfy their customers. Most carpet manufacturers in Delhi provide all these kinds of products, and they also export these kinds of products to various other countries. 

How To Find The Best Carpet 

There are many different types of carpets available in the market, and people should follow some tips to buy the best carpet. By following these steps, people can find the quality of the product. The first step is to find the product is handmade or machine-made. The handmade products will have various knots on the material, and the machine-made products will not have any knots. So, people can use these features to find the difference between the products. 

To find the quality of the product, people should check the backside of the carpet because the bottom of the rug is fully coated with latex. If the coating is improper and has any damage, the entire carpet will be non-usable. So, before buying the product, people should also check all the features like thickness, durability, color, and material quality. So these are the things to remember before buying carpet products. 


There are many different kinds of products available in the market. People love to buy products from carpet manufacturers in Delhi because the products from these manufacturers have a unique quality. People can use all these techniques and knowledge to purchase quality carpets from the sellers. These details about the features and making of these carpets will help people know more about carpets and rugs. 


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