Canon Cameras for your Real Estate Photo Shoot

Real Estate Photo Shoot

There are so many available cameras that you can see and buy in the marketplace and Canon camera is one of those branded cameras that you can rely on for your real estate photography work.

Here are some of the Canon camera models for your preferences:

Canon 5D Mark 4 

This canon camera type is one of those top DSLR cameras of camera that is now in the market. This Canon 5D Mark 4 comes with the 30-megapixel camera sensor that makes it the best alternative for your real estate photography business.

This megapixel works with the mixture of the 61 point autofocus method just in order to take in that stunning amount of in depth real estate capture. And if it is not enough, this camera had the ISO of up until 32,000 and will capture up to 4k VIDEO. It makes the best camera when the intention will be to impress the real estate photography clients.

The Canon 5D Mark 4 is enabled of Wi-Fi hence will be synced with the mobile apps for that easy sharing of the files. The other benefits of Canon 5D Mark 4 boasts of its ability to capture photos in the low light instances.

Canon Rebel EOS T7i

This Canon Rebel EOS T7i is the best value that your money can buy at the moment. When you are someone who is on the budget and you do not need the full-frame camera, it is the best one that you will need. The APS-C sensor camera was introduced to the excellent ISO range 100 to 25600 and 24.2 Megapixel resolutions

It will allow you to interior photography in the low light, so with the amount you can save, you can be able of buying the lenses.

This great AF 45-point focus system is ideal and will not miss even a bit, particularly if photo shooting static objects.

With the other great features, the vari-angle LCD touch screens and the continuous photographing up to 6fps will make a T7i one of those top 3 cameras on their lists.

Canon EOS M50

This Canon camera is considered as one of the most favorite mirrorless types of cameras in general. It relatively latest camera from Canon had been a mirrorless body that has an APS-C which gives 24.1 Megapixels.

This M50 had amazing autofocus and it is equipped with the 4k video quality. To own of such an astonishing video capability is the key when it deals with the real estate photography since it will give you the opportunities to take with the assignments that will require giving the real estate footage into your clients.

This Canon camera is really good with the log light situation with the ISO range of about 100-256000. This is the best for the indoor shooting!

Lastly, the big LCD flip screen permits you to photo shoot comfortably to each angle. When compared to the other cameras over the list, this Canon camera is one real bargain and so don’t think twice about this Canon camera if this will be your first time to buy a camera for your real estate photography business.

Canon UD TS-E f/4L 17mm 

It’s a tilt-shift ultra-wide lens that permits the unique real estate pictures that really become noticeable.

What does the real estate drone photography give rise to?

In addition to the real estate pictures, the videos may be a totally lucrative alternative when pursuing the career in the world of real estate photography.

Eye-catching, dramatic visuals will be made by utilizing the drone photography of real estate that may help the property to stick out from the online pack. The camera drones may be the best for making the virtual tour, moving by every area of the room so the online viewer will encounter the space.

The drones may also make sweeping landscape photo shots, then, showcasing a bigger property, but they’ll not take the spot of a trusty DSLR camera—if it is about the interior shots, the best bet will still be the conventional real estate photography.

When you are interested in adding the drone photography of the real estate to the repertoire, be conscious that the drones may be pricey, that usually starts with a round $1000 and it will go up from there.

Some other barriers are there to become the drone operator, too. While in the United States, you will have to get the certificate from the operator when you want to operate a drone that you can use for your real estate photography, and even before you begin charging for the services that you are going to render. It may also take time discovering the operation of the drone, so it is the best idea to link up with the drone photography for your real estate experts when you are first starting it.

The drone photography can be more expensive and time-consuming also when being compared to the standard real estate photography. Just be prepared when filming long video segments, then cut it down with the more easily digested shot in the post-production. To make the high-quality video, you will need the 3-axis gimbal in holding the camera in place when the drone is flying around. It may permit even more control with the drone photo shoot of the real estate, such as panning and zooming the shot.

And because the real estate drone photo shoot had been more weather-dependent, be sure to get many shots of a perspective that you will need most, just when an initial one does not turn out. You must aim to photo shoot the real estate drone photo shoot on the windless day and then remain close to its ground to evade the wind gusts.

The drone must come with the flight control software that you may use in mapping out the flight plan in moving forward instead of making those decisions when you go. Just be careful with things such as wires and trees that could possibly destroy the drone and will end up and will cost you with so much money.

Together with the contract in the general property photography, you will need the exclusive drone-operating contract ever since there are added legal requirements for the drone operators.


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