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So many options, yet so little time to decide!

Wracking your brain over your kid?s first birthday cake design? Worry no more! We, at Toujours, have incredible cakes that you could order from our online cake store. But if you wish to have a specially designed customized cake, here’s a list of cake ideas you could use for your baby?s first birthday celebration.

Every child grows up loving a cartoon character. Whether it is Mickey Mouse or Superman, Barbie or Dora. These characters play a special role in a child’s life.

The first on our list of specially crafted cakes is the adorable Mickey. Mickey Mouse has been a character loved by millions over the decades. From the simple cartoon to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse episodes, Mickey has become a worldwide sensation and a very popular choice for a first birthday cake. If your child is a Mickey Mouse fan, getting a chocolate Mickey Mouse cake would definitely be a great pick. 

However, a daughter and her love for princesses are something you won’t want to miss when choosing a child?s birthday cake in Mumbai. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White have resonated with girls over time. Dressing up your daughter as a fairy Princess and coupling it with a beautifully made Princess cake, will definitely be treasured by your baby girl.

If your child has a love for the color and taste of fruits, why not make his/ her first birthday cake that is filled with wonderful fruit flavors. Whether it?s a brightly hued red velvet cake or a much loved Banana flavoured one, Toujours in Mumbai, gives you an opportunity to decide your custom made cake according to your liking. 

Desire a tier-styled cake for your baby’s first birthday celebration? In Mumbai, our online cake delivery offers you just that, right at your doorstep. With the incredible flavors of cupcakes we offer, you can even choose to make baby?s first birthday cake with cupcakes alone! Pick out the most desirable flavors you want or you could ask us to customize your cupcakes to suit your baby’s taste buds ? and by assembling many little cupcakes smothered with frosting, you?ll have a cake in any shape you desire.

Your kid?s Superman outfit is set. All you have to get now is a cake that is Superman-inspired. Piece of cake! Check out a design online or draw out your own pattern and visit us and we will see what works best for you. If you?d like to opt for something grander, how about choosing a cake that has not one, but dozens of little characters on it ? such as the cast of the Lion King or perhaps with several little Minions or Pokemon? 

Got a little guy who?s crazy about cars? Well, then there is nothing better than a cake in the shape of a monster truck or sports car. We at Toujours love putting a creative spin on cakes and can bake you a custom cake in Mumbai in the shape of a racetrack ? it?s sure to be a hit with the little ones! The brightly colored cars on the cake will make the kid want to actually play with them. 

Homely and heartwarming, you say? Simplicity is the key to a lasting memory. No matter how simple you desire your baby?s birthday cake to be, at Toujours Mumbai, we put in just as much love and passion into baking it. With the very best of imported ingredients, the proof of how good our cakes are also lies in the eating!

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