Why Should You Avoid Buying Inferior Quality Pillows?

“I am consistently experiencing soreness in the back since I started using my new pillow. Should I consider changing the pillow? Is it possible to experience discomfort after sleeping on a particular type of pillow?”

Buying a pillow for your bed seems like a simple decision. But, if you fail to purchase the right pillow according to your needs, this decision can prove harmful to your body.

There are different types of natural latex pillows available in the market with varying firmness and qualities. If you choose the wrong pillow, you can face difficulty in sound sleep and experience soreness and pain in the body.

We have prepared a guide to buy the right natural latex pillow. Evaluate the following factors, do some research, and then purchase your pillow.

Why Are Pillows Important?

Before exploring other factors, let?s understand why natural latex pillows are essential for our health.


The pillow supports your back and neck when you are sleeping. Since our neck is curved, not many people can lay down straight. It strains the neck, so we require a pillow to support this curvature.


A clean pillow ensures a smooth night?s sleep. If your pillow is not breathable and doesn?t have the power to eliminate moisture, you can experience discomfort and allergies. For example, the build of fluids can produce a foul smell to your pillow, leading to irritation on the skin or nose.


Every person enjoys laying on a comfortable, soft, and supportive pillow. After a long workday, your pillow provides comfort and relaxes your body before falling asleep.

How To Identify A Bad Pillow?

How can you know if a pillow is unsuitable for you? Some of the identifying factors are discussed below:


Do you feel tired after waking up from sleep? Are you constantly waking up in the middle of the night because something doesn?t feel right?

Your pillow can be the reason for this discomfort. If you frequently experience this or feel your pillow is uncomfortable, consider purchasing a new natural latex pillow.

Remember that every element has a lifetime. Over regular usage, even pillows suffer wear and tear. They stop offering the same comfort as they did when first purchased. So, when your favorite pillow cannot help you sleep peacefully, it may be time to change it.

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning a lot in the night is one of the signs that you need a new pillow. Sometimes, it can also mean that your mattress is wearing out. However, the first course of action is to evaluate the support of the pillow. If it seems optimum, then find the actual issue.


Without the right pillow, back or neck pain becomes a recurring issue. A natural latex pillow can offer proper support to your neck to eliminate pain or discomfort later in life.


One of the best ways to find out if a pillow is worn out is checking whether you are experiencing allergies regularly. With time, pillows are worn out and start collecting more moisture and dust, which becomes a reason for frequent allergies.

Selecting The Right Natural Latex Pillow

When you are in the market, finding a pillow, there?s no better option than a natural latex pillow. Check how you can select the right pillow for yourself.


You can purchase different levels of firmness in your pillow. If you sleep on your back, then flat pillows are the best for your body, as it fills the gap between your upper body and the bed. However, if you sleep on your side, purchase a fuller pillow to fill the gap, which is usually more when sleeping on the side.

People sleeping on this stomach may require a thin pillow, as that is sufficient to maintain the natural curve of their body.

Additionally, when purchasing a natural latex pillow, press the pillow to check the firmness. You can try shaking and squeezing the pillow to understand its feel and firmness.

Consider the Mattress

A good night?s sleep is a result of a comfortable pillow and mattress that complement each other. You require a thin pillow with a soft mattress because your body sinks in, allowing you to fill up the gap automatically, so you don?t need a fuller pillow for this purpose.

If you use a firm pillow on a soft mattress, it can resist sinking in. This will increase the gap between your neck and the bedding ? causing discomfort.

Care Type

Every pillow has a care label attached. For a natural latex pillow, consider a model that is easily machine washable. It is important because people with dust mites allergies may need to clean the pillow regularly.


Your pillow should not trap moisture or heat as it will make you feel hot throughout the night. Purchase a natural latex pillow as it is breathable, so it will not trap heat and offer you a comfortable sleep.


If you are ready to change your pillow to avoid discomfort in the neck and head, the above guide can help you. First, analyze whether your pillow is bad for you. After this, clear your expectations and find the right natural latex pillow. Remember to do proper research because this pillow will define your comfort level throughout the night.