Get Started With Us And Develop A Uber Clone App To Enhance Your Taxi Booking Business

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It is time to leave the worries of the transient nature of the taxi industry by hopping on to the On-Demand Uber Clone App-based business platform. If you haven�t already considered switching from traditional means of operating your taxi business, then it is high time you do so! Our on-demand uber clone app is the best solution in the market that can not only set you up in the right direction but skyrocket your entrepreneurial journey instantly!

Why choose us?

We have been in the On-Demand app building industry for almost a decade. Studying all the ebbs and flows of the market, we have been able to create a pool of resources that have a cumulative experience of over a century in this market.�

While there are many Uber clone apps out there, getting started with us can be most beneficial for you because our app has been carefully crafted by:

  1. Market Research Analysts
  2. Android App Developers
  3. iOS App Developers
  4. Website Developers
  5. App Designers
  6. Web Designers
  7. Quality Analysts
  8. Content Writers
  9. Project Managers

All these minds worked together to come up with a flawless design of the Uber Clone app that was not only just like the original Uber app but a lot more advanced and robust. 

What are some of the key features that set our Uber Clone app above the rest?

A. Booking from the Website

In today�s day and time, almost everyone users smartphones. This is why; we have developed a seamless mobile app for taxi booking for both Android as well as iOS. But it is important not to forget the riders who do not have smartphones, do not wish to download another app on their device, or don�t have access to the internet.

To cater to this group of audiences, we provide you with the option of website booking. The user of the app can book a taxi directly from the website that we provide you along with the purchase of the app. Since the whole thing is a single system, there is no additional charge towards getting the website.�

This website will also house information about your brand, more details on the company, enable the users to log in and create their profiles by registering, allow drivers to create profiles by registering, and so on and so forth. In case there is an issue with the internet, the users can also call the admin from any number and make a booking. The admin can manually add this booking to the app easily.�

B. Select the Features that Suit You

We always maintain that every business has its own set of unique requirements. This is why; it is important to make sure that you only get what you want. Unlike other companies that have created the Uber Clone app, we are focused on providing a solution that works best for the clients and for which they don�t have to pay a fortune. 

To this end, we have created specific packages, each with a bundle of features. Depending upon your business needs and aspirations, you can select the package that suits you best. In case, you need some other features, you can select them as add ons. You don�t have to pay for anything that you don�t want. 

C. Unlimited Duration for Demo

Most reputed companies will be happy to set you up with a demo of the application that they have built. However, they always have a strict timeline for completion. Not in our case. We believe in complete transparency and therefore, we empower our clients to take the demo of the app for as long as they like. You can test the app live from the rider�s point of view and the driver�s point of view across different devices working on different operating systems both iOS and Android. We also encourage our clients to take a look at the admin panel of the application that can help them understand the app in-depth.�

D. CoVid 19 Special Features

The CoVid 19 has changed the way people used to ride. These days there is a lot of emphasis on how people should maintain social distancing, wear masks and try to steer clear of populated places. We have added CoVid 19 special features in the app that ensure that all rides can be conducted safely.�

These features include limited seating to maintain social distancing, mandatory face mask selfie at the beginning of the ride, ride cancellation by the driver or the rider if they observe that proper hygiene and coronavirus safety measures are not being followed, and so on and so forth.� You can get more details here. (Please add a link to the page where these features are shared in detail)

E. White Label Services

It is essential to buy a white-label ready-made app. White labeling is essentially the process of removing any trace of our team or company�s logo from the app and adding your logo, your brand name, and banners across the app. We also offer custom color options if needed.�

F. Free Source Code

The soul of an app is the Source code. It determines whether you can modify or upgrade the app from time to time. Basically, the source code of the app is the entire code structure based on which the app is made.�

Unlike other companies, we provide the licensed source code of the application to you absolutely free of cost when you purchase the Uber Clone app from us. This means we provide you with complete ownership of the app. In case you need to make any modification to the app a few years down the line to adjust with the current market trends and customer behaviors, then you can do so easily!


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