Brief Guide on Rose Flower: Growing Tips and Info

Roses are one of the most chosen flowers for giving a rose flower bouquet. The most common rose that we know born from thorny bushes; the plant to which it belongs is the rose bush. We can confirm that there are around 100 species in its genus; they differ by color, petal, and the size of the flower bud.

Where are Roses Grown?

The origin of most of the species of roses comes from Asia, although the largest producers of rose cultivation are in Africa and especially Latin America. Growers focus mainly on the flower?s beauty and the stem?s length, but the rose usually has a less powerful aroma, unlike the wild one. Its cultivation extends over hectares of land at a certain height to achieve a specific humidity and temperature that will offer the best results.

How florists deal with Rose Flowers

This type of flower has a thorny stem; for this reason, florists must work it with peelers, which clean the flower from its spikes, and in this way, they can already pick it well and include it in their floral work. Before incorporating it, the petals are cleaned. It means that the petals that show imperfections are removed so that the rose flower is perfect.

Colored Roses and Their Meanings

Today, it is possible to find roses in various colors. When giving a bouquet of fresh flowers to a particular person, colors are something to think about before finalizing the rose flower bouquet.

So, here we will share the meanings of the popular colors of roses.

White Roses

White flowers, in general, stand out for their delicate and elegant appearance. The tendency to use white roses began in the 19th century when they were used in weddings. At that moment, Queen Victoria walked down the aisle with a bouquet of white roses in her hands. That image motivated a wide tradition.

The choice of these floral arrangements for the brides is made by considering the color representing purity and innocence. In addition, in the Christian tradition, flowers represent the Virgin Mary. Today, white roses can mean many things. It is still common for weddings, but it can also be an excellent alternative to give a bouquet of white roses, as they represent hope.

The Pink Roses

Choosing pink ones may be the best option if you want a perfect bouquet of roses. The lighter shades of pink symbolize love, happiness, and admiration. Often, pink roses are chosen to congratulate someone who has

had an achievement. In their most vital hues, these flowers represent gratitude. Pink roses are also the most popular for Valentine?s Day since these are flowers that express sincere emotions.

Red Roses

Sending a bouquet of red roses to someone is a tradition that represents love, passion, and ro9/+

ance. The association of these flowers with romance goes back a long time. It is another popular choice of flowers for Valentine?s Day.

Yellow Roses

If you are thinking of sending flowers home, yellow roses may be the best option. The vivid color of these flowers can generate a magnificent bouquet with a few pieces. These flowers are usually associated with friendship and good health but also represent joy. A beautiful bouquet of yellow roses can generate a feeling of joy and happiness in the person who receives it. Furthermore, in oriental cultures, the color of these roses was associated with wisdom, power, and prosperity.

Orange Roses

Finally, another color that has become increasingly popular is orange. Orange roses are quite an enigma. It is the midpoint between the warmth and joy of yellow roses and the passion and sensuality of red roses. They are flowers representing enthusiasm and are perfect for sending messages of thanks, congratulations, love, and friendship.

After reading this article, I hope it becomes easy for you to choose the right flower bouquet for your loved ones. When you send flower bouquets to Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, or any other location in India, choose the right rose flower color according to the occasion.