9 Breath Freshening Foods That You Must Try

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    Have you ever wondered why do we serve salads along with meals or why is mouth fresheners served always in the restaurants after you are done eating? Well, these help in providing good digestion and putting off the bad breath caused by the meal you just had. You wouldn’t want people to get that whiff when you pass by them so let us see how we can get rid of it by the most natural methods. It is always said that good dental care can help evade bad breath, however, sometimes that too doesn’t help. It is the bacteria in the mouth that causes the mouth to stink. These bacteria break down the leftover food that may have got stuck in your teeth or gums, these cause awful breath. There are various remedies to get away with it but the most common ones are gums, brushing teeth or keeping a mouth freshener handy. Nowadays there are a variety of mouth fresheners online available at affordable rates. But if you are running out of such mouth fresheners here are some other things you could try.

    Leafy Shrubs


    Some leafy shrubs solve this problem of bad breaths these are parsley, coriander, mint, and basil. These contain polyphenols and natural chemicals that provide freshness in the mouth and put off that bad smell. The chlorophyll in it is also a good component that does the goodness. It is a detoxifying content in leaves that helps cure any disease caused by bad food. If you wish to consume food containing garlic or onion and want to not smell bad take about 4-5 of these leaves and chew it well to let it do its job. Another fresh substitute is fennel that not only helps to provide good breath but is also suggested to cure chest congestion. 

    2. Yogurt


    Another remedy in your kitchen is yogurt which is a probiotic and contains good bacteria to kill the bad one. It is suggested to consume low sugar yogurt to see the best results. You can take it once or twice a day depending on the level of bad breath you have. 

    3. Fresh Mint


    The famous of all fresh mint, this one has been an old age practice and is mostly recommended to cure stomach related problems. Mint provides freshness inside the mouth because of the natural chemicals present in it. It contains natural oils that protect the body from any bacteria. You can take fresh leaves or even add it to your tea to get the best of it. 

    4. Spices


    Adding spices in the food itself or taking it raw has helped a lot in curing the body of various issues. These contain natural oils that avoid bad breath. Cloves and cinnamon is the most common one and you can consume it in hot water or can even add it to your tea. Some other spices that work the same are cardamom, fennel, spearmint, eucalyptus, coriander, etc. Fennel seeds are the most common ones and are mainly found in mouth fresheners. You can also take this raw along with rock sugar. Another one being cardamom, it contains cineole that has antibacterial properties and helps to solve the problem of bad breaths. Cardamom seeds are added in tea as well and are also taken raw.

    5. Fruits 


    The best of all being fruits are the easiest way to keep the mouth fresh. After a meal, you can cut some simple fruits like apples, strawberries or even cherries to relish. These help in killing bad breath caused y onions and garlic. The malic acid in these also helps in cleaning the teeth thereby making them white. The fiber content too helps to solve the issue of indigestion which is a catalyst for bad breath. 

    6. Citrus 


    Citrus containing fruits such as oranges, melons, lime, and lemon contains vitamin C that kills the bacteria n the mouth. These contain antioxidants that also help in detoxifying the body. You can add lemon in lukewarm water or can even suck in the juice. The fiber also helps in doing away with the bacteria.

    7. Veggies


    So now we come to the salad that is mainly served during meals. You can avoid onions and radishes to avoid bad breath and add cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and celery. These contain high water content that cools the stomach and gives proper digestion. The fiber content too provides the same benefits. The crunchy freshness in the mouth will also give clear the teth if there?s anything stuck on it. 

    So you know now what to do whenever you have that bad odour, get the freshness right away by following the above remedies.

    Author Name – Farheen Qamar

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