Brand Registration for Fashion Brands

You will have invested hours and hours in the design, creation and branding of your items, if you establish your own clothing business setup UAE. And as any seasoned clothing company will tell you, your items must be trademarked. It makes your brand a brand from a legal standpoint and it also protects it from copycats.?

However, it may be hard to go through this procedure, therefore here we will show you how your clothing line can profit from trademarks and how you can register your own trademarks. 

What is a Trademark? 

In brief, a mark is a mark that differentiates the product or service of one firm from another. Even though the clothing itself is very much like it, we can readily distinguish the t-shirt of one brand from the others ? since the latter has another emblem or design. 

Typically, this emblem is designated and guarantees consumers the quality they anticipate of their favourite manufacturer. 

You would certainly have seen the registered mark sign on innumerable occasions alongside trademarks. 

You will probably be more concerned with marking brands, collection names and logos as a fashion line designer therefore look more closely at how your wardrobe may take use of the marking process.

How Brand Registration Benefits Fashion Business? 

The main reason for obtaining a trademark is to limit the possibility of fake designs. If you know that someone does such, it will allow you to take legal action with the trademark (and so provide you with trademark protection). 

Moreover, you may also utilise a brand, which instructs people not to use the ? sign next to your brand. It also allows you to sell or licence the brand to someone else. 

Although you do not have to resolve legal issues with counterfeiters, branding alone is certainly worthwhile. The mark will be placed in stone for the following 10 years when you have registered it. 

Time and expenses are the two significant drawbacks of trademarks. Applications normally take around four months ? and perhaps much longer if someone objects. For smaller companies, the expenses of registering a trademark might also increase. 

Enforcement of Trademark 

The trademark owner is ultimately responsible for implementing the mark?including for finding and reporting infringements through a service of the local trading standards. Major fashion firms typically engage intellectual property specialists to manage the situations of infringement. 

Prioritize Branding 

Do not ignore the relevance of getting federally registered trademarks while you are working on naming and branding your new clothing line.

The process of the brand registration UAE is easy and comparatively quick. The application and receipt for your brand name for a federally registered trademark will enable you to prevent you from going to court by preventing others from using the same name and giving you the benefit of enforcing the trademark without going to court.?

In addition, you get the highest level of legal protection against others with the same and similar names by holding a federal name registrar.