5 Tips to Boost Your Website Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday sales are just around the corner, and eCommerce merchants will likely see a spike in website traffic and conversion. Notably, the average order value increased by 9% in 2021. Statista predicts that Black Friday spending will exceed $4.81 billion in 2022.

Black Friday is a promising period and one of eCommerce businesses’ busiest days. If you’re not prepared, your site can easily crash under the load. Traffic is one of many things to consider here; there are many other factors.

Plan your marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is how you will advertise your Black Friday sale. This is important because it will help you attract customers and make more sales. Some promotional strategies you could use are offering discounts, running contests, or giving away free products. Choosing the right mix of promotions is vital to attract customers and boost sales.

Improve site speed for better customer satisfaction

Site speed is essential for several reasons, including customer satisfaction and conversion rate. On Black Friday, customers are particularly likely to abandon slow-loading sites if they don’t feel like waiting any longer than necessary compared to faster ones; this could mean missing out on many potential sales.

The ideal load time for users is now less than 3 seconds. And for a rise of each second, the conversion rate reduces significantly as the website traffic suffers by 7%. A professional eCommerce business will be able to optimize your website for high-speed performance and mobile readiness by considering the following parameters:

  • Improved server response time
  • Optimizing the LCP, or Largest Contentful Paint FCP and First Contentful Paint optimization is critical.
  • Reducing the Interaction delays

Test your site’s readiness and prepare for an influx of traffic

According to a poll, 88 million Americans preferred online Black Friday discounts in 2021. As a result, you should anticipate a significant spike in website traffic. There are a few steps you can take in advance to ensure that your site can handle the extra load:

  • Check your hosting plan and the concerned eCommerce platform to find concrete data on the website traffic capacity.
  • Run pressure tests on your server to see how it responds to high traffic levels.
  • Leverage past data of your eCommerce store and optimize it with the current industry trends.
  • Review your site’s code to check if it is clean and well-organized. A clean code with no errors is less likely to crash when more people visit the site.

Optimize Your Website Structure for Greater Scalability

Now that you have data on how much website traffic there will be, it is time to prepare the website for everyone. Website scalability is how well the website can handle traffic without breaking or being too slow.

An experienced development company?can ensure an optimum level of scalability and minimum downtime. Here are some ways to make sure the website can handle a lot of traffic:

  • Leverage Caching Capabilities: This means having a custom plan for how often the website saves data, so it doesn’t slow down.
  • Deploy a Content Delivery Network: This is a system of computers worldwide that helps deliver content quickly and smoothly during traffic surges.

Maintaining the customer relationship

Take care of the customer experience on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to create goodwill that will last even after the holiday rush is over. Maintaining a positive customer experience is essential for long-term success.

All these points, as mentioned below, ensure that customers have a positive experience and are willing to return in the future.

  • Assist shoppers quickly and efficiently to avoid traffic on the site.
  • Make sure that customers can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Loyal customers should be honored with special discounts.
  • Create trust with transparent policies.
  • Offer special discounts to loyal customers who make repeat purchases.

Final Words

Black Friday and Cyber Monday season is the time to raise maximum profits for your business. However, in order to do so, you need to make sure your website is fully prepared for it. We have discussed some of the key aspects you need to take care of – from customizing your website according to your requirements to ensure its speed and performance are optimal.

Are you all set?