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    Orthodontist in Dublin

    Dental health plays a huge role in the health and fitness of a person. It is not only crucial for your health but also critical for your social life and communication skills. A clean mouth nurtures the environment that your mind and body need to function at its best. Dental health is concerned with your teeth, gum, mouth, and tongue as well. It is essential to take care of your oral hygiene since the very beginning of your childhood to avoid any mouth illnesses or infections. If you do not take enough care of your teeth, they may fall earlier than they ought to, and you may also develop mouth and teeth issues that are painful and time-taking to deal with.  

    Your teeth are important in ways you cannot even imagine! A clean, healthy mouth leads to a healthy and prosperous life. For achieving clean and perfect teeth, there is not much you need to do but follow a few steps. Almost every orthodontist advises their patient to brush their teeth twice a day with preferably a fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly, and limiting sugary food/drinks. It is also suggested to drink an adequate amount of water and eat crunchy vegetables. Taking these steps will definitely be worth it because you will be blessed with a perfect smile in no time, which is great for your social life and communication with the people around you.

    People with pretty, white and sparkling smiles are generally more confident and have a much greater social life than people who are insecure about their smiles. Not having a naturally good smile is completely normal, but in this era of technology and advancements, there is a solution for almost every problem. And so, there are countless solutions to your teeth problems as well. You just need to start going to a dental clinic, find a good orthodontist, and treat your problems as soon as you can.

    Who exactly is an orthodontist, and what do they do?

    An orthodontist is a qualified dentist who can treat irregularities and physical abnormalities of the mouth and the teeth. Dentists and orthodontists help their patients with all sorts of mouth injuries and infections while also dealing with cavities, tooth implants, and teeth straightening procedures. There is little difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. An orthodontist is more specialized and focuses more on the treatment of facial irregularities like crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. All in all, orthodontists can perform every treatment that a dentist can perform, but a dentist can not necessarily do all the complex treatments an orthodontist has to do.?

    What makes an orthodontist different and more specialized?

    A fact:?

    all dentists are not orthodontists, but all orthodontists are dentists, but.

    Because orthodontists go through an extra three-year full-time training process, they are more expert in complex processes such as straightening crooked teeth with braces or treating bad bites caused by sleep apnea or other reasons. They can also help with overcrowded teeth, a gap in between the teeth. An orthodontist must first complete four years of dental school like a regular dentist. The dentist may then continue their work in a specific field, but an orthodontist has to earn a license to proceed further in their profession. So, they take more classes and take three or more years of training, mostly in the subject of teeth alignment and straightening of the jaw.

    Why Do You Need to Visit an Orthodontist?

    If you are wondering what treatments your orthodontist can offer you, look no further! This article will tell you all about what you can do about the teeth problems that you think are impossible to treat. Fear not, Happy Dental Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, has got your back and your teeth!

    If you have spacing or alignment problems with your teeth, your dentist will probably refer you to an orthodontist who will suggest the most common device used to treat misaligned teeth; the braces. The time period it takes to align your teeth may vary from person to person, and also the severity of your case.

    Other than braces, the second-best option is Invisalign, which is more preferred by the patients because of the fact that they are not clearly visible from distance and are also removable, which is pretty convenient.

    Orthodontists can also help with disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder, which is a disorder that causes pain in the movement of jaws. Devices called splints might be used on the lower or upper jaw to close the jaws properly without any pain.

    They can also help in treating protruding front teeth, which are constantly exposed to injuries while playing hard sports or doing any other physical activity.

    What to ask your orthodontist?

    It is somehow true that you should believe your doctors and everything that they say. But make sure there’s no confusion in your mind. If there’s any question bugging in your mind about treatment, ask your doctor! This will help you have a more comfortable time at the clinic and will make your treatment tension less as well. Here is what you might want to ask your doctor.

    Ask About All Possible/Available Options

    Always ask about all available options/treatments for your problems. Ask about the advantages, drawbacks and risks of each and then opt for the treatment that suits you the best. You can also take a second and third opinion if you are not satisfied with the first one.

    Ask for Similar Cases

    If you are worried about the success rate of your treatment, you can ask your doctor if he had handled a patient with similar case before. He will let you know if he had and what was the outcome of it. This will boost your confidence and increase your trust in your doctor.

    Effect on Lifestyle

    Make sure you ask about the pros and cons of the treatment. Along with that, always ask about if the treatment will have any effect on your normal lifestyle. Some medical, especially dental treatments, require changes in diet and eating habits.

    Total Time/Sessions Required

    Never start treatment if you can’t make it to every appointment and session. Free your schedule first! Appointments and treatments with orthodontists can take from a week to about two years. So always ask about the required time and number of sessions expected first.

    How does an orthodontist start his treatment?

    Before starting treatment, the orthodontist may require a brief history of your dental conditions and any other treatments that you may have opted for in the past. Then, he will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth while taking X-rays of your teeth and jaw and making clay models of your mouth to treat the problem better and have a closer look. After that, he may devise a plan for your teeth which works better for you, while also informing you about the time span of the treatment and the pros and cons of it. After that, you will have regular appointments with your doctor soon enough; you will start noticing a good change in your teeth.

    Orthodontist’s Advice on Oral Hygiene and Dental Health?

    In case you are wondering what the common advice that all orthodontists give is or what are the suggestions that you should be prepared to hear, again and again, are then read this and make sure to follow them.

    • Brush regularly
    • Floss regularly
    • Cut out extra sugary diets
    • Balance intake of wine, tea, and sugar
    • Use a soft brush

    How much does an orthodontist cost in Dublin?

    An orthodontist’s cost or fees depends upon the problem that a patient is facing. The consultation fees of an orthodontist at Happy Dental Clinic, Ireland, is free. The cost for others depends upon the problem, severity and time taken. It can be as low as ?50.00 or as high as ?1000.00.

    How long does any treatment with an orthodontist take?

    After your first appointment with an orthodontist, it will be decided how long your dental treatment will take. Most of these treatments require more than one sitting, so it can take around 18-24 months in total, including the healing period and follow-ups.

    The best orthodontist in Dublin, Ireland

    At Happy Dental Dublin, there is a team of dentists and orthodontists that are excellent at their jobs and have a great professional history. They are experts at all sorts of cases of misaligned jaws or teeth, no matter if it’s an adult, a kid, or a teen. The best orthodontist at Happy Dental Dublin is Dr. Badov, who has extensive training and experience in the orthodontic field. He is an extremely professional orthodontist who excels in his field more than every other competing orthodontist and has made quite a name for himself! Not only does he have a huge number of patients, but 90% are also satisfied with the treatments they have received, especially at such affordable prices.

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