Tips on Better Waste Management for Businesses

waste management businesses

Commercial establishments produce a lot more waste than residential properties. Because of this, businesses have a huge responsibility when it comes to proper waste management in order to reduce their impact to the environment. Reducing the waste produced by your business is the most basic thing you can do to benefit the environment and save you money as well. 

Creating a waste management plan is a crucial step when starting a business. If you don’t have a good waste management plan, maintaining the cleanliness of your business would be a great challenge. If you’re still starting out, here are some tips that could help you in proper waste management for your business. 

Know How Much Waste Is Produced by Your Business

At first, you won’t have an idea on how much waste your business will produce in a day. When your business starts operating, take a quick assessment on the garbage bins before the collection truck takes it to have an estimate on the waste size. 

Take note of the bin sizes, how full they are, and the frequency of waste collection. That way, you’ll get to know how much waste your business produces at a period of time and be able to manage the size properly. 

Practice the 3Rs

Practicing the 3Rs can greatly help in reducing the waste produced by your business. Don’t just throw everything that you don’t use anymore. Identify first if they could be reused or recycled and get a waste management service to handle this type of waste. Aside from that, look for changes you could make to reduce or avoid producing waste if possible. For instance, instead of using disposable food containers you could use reusable containers instead to serve food. 

Follow a Material Collection System

Every business generates different kind of waste and recoverable materials. More commonly, waste bins are just emptied into a truck and taken for disposal. However, if you are practicing recycling in your business, it is important to sort the materials based on how they are collected. 

Have different bins for each material kind so your staff can dispose waste on the right designated bin. You could also label each bin to make it easier for sorting. That way, it would be easier for waste collectors to identify which bin to take for more efficient waste management.

Pick the Collection Contract That Suits Your Business

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to waste collection contract that suits them. Consider the type of waste your business produces and how much is produced at a period of time to know the perfect schedule for pickup. Be sure that you have bins of the right size to hold all the waste while waiting for the pickup schedule. Talk to the collection company to help you figure out the right collection contract for your business. 

With an efficient waste management plan for your business, you make your business more environmentally friendly than ever. 

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