The Best Wig Brands in 2020 For Fashion Lovers

    human hair wigs

    Wigs are mostly a choice, but more often than not, human hair wigs have now become a necessity as a style statement. Along with a fashion statement, it is worn for confidence.

    Hair is the most important aspect of a person?s appearance. Similar to other items for the instant beauty boost, the wig is also a mainstream beauty product. Therefore, we have selected the top 10 best human hair wigs brands in 2020.


    Gabor originally incepted as Eva Gabor International back in 1969. Gabor wigs provide elegance, class, and shorter style wigs. The wigs are synthetic heat-friendly hair fiber. The comfort you get from a wide velvet band prevents friction and gives extra security from slippage.

    ?Lasting impression? is a synthetic lace frontal wigs, including sheer lace front alongside monofilament part for hairstyling in your way. Gentle rooted colors offer a remarkably realistic look.


    The hair fiber Gabor gives is quite shiny.

    The hair wig style is original and funky. 


    Amore is among the renowned human hair wigs brands originated by Rene of Paris. It offers each type of versatile wigs and in an array of colors. Amore offers monofilament wigs that are constructed through a soft cap instead of wefting.

    Amore wigs are manufactured from high-quality material. If you searching for an exceptionally elegant yet natural look because of scalp insensitivity, hair loss or desire to appear like a fashion diva, then Amore should be your wig choice.


    The fibers in the wig are light-weight and soft.

    The shorter wig along the nape that makes it appropriate for summers.


    It is challenging and tight to keep in place; however, after some practice, you grab the hang of it.

    Ellen Wille

    Ellen Wille is the brand originator, who was studying in Paris in 1967. She started to make wigs and sell them through her van. She approached different salons, and when she became successful through her quality human hair wigs, she started her own salon in Frankfurt, Germany. Her salon soon turned into a global hair wig brand.

    Ellen Wille has been designing wigs for more than fifty years and is among the ten brands in the world to clinch the Hair Icon Award.

    Ellen Wille is renowned for her quality hair, unique cap construction, and dimensional colors. The luxurious collection of Ellen Wille is cent per cent monofilament and hand-tied with a lovely lace front. It provides a wide range of colors in every exclusively designed wig.


    In spite of being related to a pixie style, the wig contains enough hair for styling in a few distinct ways.


    Ellen Wille wigs are renowned to be inconsistent in coloring and fit.

    These wigs are heavy, so imperfect for the peak of summer.

    The fibers are a bit coarse.

    Jon Renau

    Jon Renau is rated as the world?s leading manufacturers of human hair wigs. He is popular for his wigs innovation, which is the fashion-forward, comfortable, and easy to go. Shaggy, Pixie, long layered, straight, and curly are the glamorous styled wigs offered by Jon Renau. The ?gorgeous greys? are Jon Renau?s one of the sophisticated wigs that include Kristi, Julianne, and Ruby.


    The wig eventually stretches to fit the head. Even if it is excessively tight at first, it will expand later on.


    It?s not realistic and offers a doll-like quality to the texture.

    There is inconsistency is the wig size.


    Noriko offers the most breathable, comfortable, affordable, and vibrant collection of wigs. Noriko has wigs for women, men as well as for unisex people. Noriko, alongside Amore, is part of Rene of Paris. Noriko?s Blake wig is spunky, short, and sexy, which costs around $187. Excellent quality material is used by this brand.


    The fit along with color is 100% the same as advertised.


    Noriko?s hair wig is voluminous and is heavy. It needs to be styled and trimmed a little.

    It?s a little bit over-shiny. 


    Alan Eaton heads this creative human hair wigs brand who introduced this fantastic wig collection through his remarkable skills. His inspiration for making wigs was his close friend who suffered from hair loss. When his wig collections became a hit, he started to work for some other brands. By the time, he decided to establish his own line of wigs.

    The Petite Paige wig offered by Envy is the timeless and best-selling classic bob cut. It creates natural hair illusion. Some other popular wigs by Envy are Bobby, Brianna, Alyssa, and Tiffany.

    Envy is largely liked because of its eco-friendliness and they have recyclable marketing and packaging materials.


    The wig is light-weight, soft, and comfortable.

    It?s among low-maintenance hair wigs.

    Easy to wear


    The hair does not have much volume.

    It quickly messes up.

    Rene of Paris

    Rene of Paris (ROP) was incepted in 1971. They manufacture medical wigs, fashion wigs, and customized wigs. Rene of Paris is a leading brand from which, further brands or collections of wigs originate. Noriko, Amore, and Bella Nuova are some of the offshoots of Rene of Paris.

    The wigs are produced through in-house factories, using Cyber Hair, which offers the finest fibres which are advanced and modified for women, men, and children.


    The cap is excessively comfortable.

    The fibers and color used to look natural, almost like real hair.


    The webbing is a bit scratchy.

    It doesn?t last long.

    The wig is super glossy.

    Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch is the beauty icon and Hollywood legend who offers the most innovative wigs. Her stupendous wig collection is always lighter, comfortable, and easy to wear. Brave the wave, Love, love, love, Go for it, Downtime, and Infatuation elite are amongst her awestruck wig collections. One might feel cozy and lustrous Raquel welch wigs. The brand is now a part of HairUWear.


    No trimmings or alterations needed and can be worn out of the box.

    The wig?s fit and size are consistent.


    The wig?s fibers cannot be called as top quality.

    The hair at the backside is short to hide real hair.

    The top has too much hair.

    Color options are limited.

    Estetica Designs

    Estetica Designs are offering hair wigs since 1979. The designers of Estetica continuously experiment and strive to produce one of the most technologically advanced wigs through the best quality fibers. Their wig collections include Monofilament Wigs, Remi Human Hair Wigs, Frontal Lace Wigs, and pure Stretch Cap Wigs. Their Luxuria collection is exclusive and the most recent wig collection having six wigs.

    Hand-tied Remi human hair is used to make wigs. Estetica Designs provide hair care products and accessories like hair color rings, mannequin heads, shampoos and conditioners, and wig stands.


    Exceptional fiber quality.

    Light-weight and comfortable.


    Smaller cap compared to the size advertised.

    Creams or hair care spray don?t influence the wig much; therefore styling is difficult.

    Forever Young

    Forever Young is a brand based in the UK. Every woman wishes to get a young look, and with a variety of Forever Young?s chic and sophisticated looking wigs, one could never look and feel aged. Forever Young features modern and fashionable style wigs; available in all lengths.

    They offer traditional bold colors as well as beautiful brown or blonde mixed blends. A few of their best-selling synthetic wigs include Indie waves, Roll with it, Picture perfect, Vintage Vixen, Parisian bob, and Classic page. The brand has a claim regarding its source. They proclaim they procure its products from ?ethically sound? manufacturers.


    The wig sits well without adjustment for up to 12 hours.

    One of the most affordable wigs available in the market.


    A little heavy and it takes some time for getting used to of it

    Some consumers have reported a plastic-like smell 

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