Most Popular Types of Website Themes to Improve User Engagement

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Everyone?s stuck on the buzzword ?WordPress? that burrows itself on a stunning website theme. There?s so much going on about this specific catchword that you can easily find an eligible company that offers it. It isn?t very reassuring to see nobody praises attention-grabbing website themes. It feels terrible and eye-blurring to come across the same thing now and then. But today, we?ll discuss something beyond; not technical but something forgotten by the masses ? your site?s layout.

In addition, various types of websites require different looks and settings. For instance, a single-page website will look best with trimmings and other ornamental charms. An eCommerce website will look more penetrating with a warehouse-oriented appearance. Getting the point?! 

Similarly, blog websites, landing pages, portfolio sites, and social media platforms will distinguish from each other. It is the primary reason an online web design company hires creative candidates more often. Please do not confuse the website layout species because it?s all on a different level. Website themes are above and beyond to attract visitors to an internet showground. 

We?re going to get out of the traditional shell and jump in a virtual orb (a walkable bubble) to enjoy immersive environments. Yes, your ears are normal! We?ll elaborate on a few best website themes that distinguish you from your competitors. So, without further ado, let?s get started.

1. Green ?Environment? website themes

Who doesn?t love a sustainable ecosystem that ensures everything survives at the end of the day? We?re not going to give away jokes nor extemporize ?overblown? moments with the intellectual mind. But, talk about every green and serene you can put on your site to add fresh facades to it. Famous evergreen frameworks for your website include Jhon Doe, ProFlow, Tripster, WordPress themes, EpaGreen, and Visity, to name a few.

2. Compassion ?Lovable? website themes

These layouts are all about spreading love and joy worldwide ? your users. These themes have a pleasant look backed with jovial features, fun-loving colors, and cheerful features to bring a smile to the visitor?s face. These are generally best for blog sites, online DIY personal websites, children?s websites, games? websites, and as such.

3. Peaceful website themes

Close your eyes in a wink as you glance at pristine grounds in front of you. These site configurations give a breath of fresh air and make you feel light by their looks. They work incredibly well with websites that have minimalistic features. Besides, peaceful on-site orientations ensure higher user traffic and engagement owing to their onscreen therapeutic ambiance.

4. Special-effects website themes

These types have a special place in the hearts comparable to epic movie scenes and never-watched-before director?s cut. Many businesses and new startups seek these types of layouts for their sites. After all, these work best to take customers by surprise. Trendy special effects include colors, navigation bars, mouse cursor, background sounds, page-wise settings, icons, wallpaper, imageries, animations, etc.

5. Sci-fi website themes

Probably one of the most popular types of layouts for your websites. Star Wars and Star Trek fans have the fastest internet globally, enough for lightspeed skipping or activating the Death Star. Of course, science fiction has inspired the internet we use today. People crave a new sci-fi movie every year or go crazy for legendary silver screen spinoffs. Incontestably, such themes add a win-win situation to your website. The best part is that sci-fi looks surreal and phenomenal with on-site optimizations.

6. Professional ?business-oriented? website themes

Simply put, you put your office environment on virtual grounds. The primary purpose of these themes is to provide a quantifiable experience to users who want to visualize the workplace. Professional arrangements on an internet site allow businesses to represent themselves to clients courteously. 

7. Space website themes

Similar to sci-fi site outlines, these take visitors on a whole new journey towards the sky. These site designs hold more authority if you run an online plan based on emotions and imagination. Surprisingly, space-centric website themes have somewhat healing properties. Also, they evoke feelings of contentment and induce good moods on an angry face. No kidding! Also, you can apply pictures of planet earth, galaxies, stars, moons, and other mesmerizing celestial entities on your website.

8. Make-believe website themes

These are for you. Now anyone can craft site layouts as they desire. You can use various website builders to help you out with the process. WordPress works great in this scenario. Nonetheless, you can also try Thrive Theme Builder, Elementor Pro, Divi, and Oxygen.

9. Nature website themes

Nothing beats mother nature when you want to get close to the environment and your loved ones. Besides, they work wonders and stir imagination among visitors. Natural-looking layouts also have some magical therapeutic properties. Thus, improve website traffic with its organic looks and virtues. Popular nature site frames include Eco Nature, Go Solar, Greenlife, Organica, and Fitmeal.

10. Motivational website themes

Here you can use the aforestated website theme builders. Use your mind to create powerful layouts, imageries, and expressions you can dot on the theme. After all, it?s about strengthening your website with energetic driving spurs.

11. Household website themes

Creating an internet site by adding a homesickness appeal is a brilliant idea. Besides, you can save a lot of cash by using copyright-free pictures. You can easily find images based on domestic illustrations, farm hand-drawn sketches, or countryside street views. These allow you to bridge your site with the visitor?s mind. How cool is that!

12. Everlasting website themes

 Go above and beyond with your dreams and imaginations. Apply anything that gives users an ?outside of this world? experience. Adding a perpetual canvas with cascades of mind-boggling allegories can win hearts and sponsorships in a snap. 

Some other worthy website theme mentions include:

  • Folklore themes ? for a more vintage ?timeless? look.
  • Frivolous themes ? creating websites for standup comedians, clowns, and anything whimsically cheery.
  • Technical themes ? best to showcase your or your business? professional side.

Author Bio: I am Daniel Scott, an enthusiast web designer who has complete multiple corporate project last years. After a little break, I?m back to kill the game. Recently, I?ve joined a NY based online web design company and going well, but require some online work to quench my thirst.

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