8 Best Things to Do in London 2024 Attractions & activities

things to do in london

You can enjoy many events and activities to visit London. There are many well-known attractions of the world to explore. See the greatest parts of London by consulting our trip guide. Before flying with Aeromexico know about Aeromexico name change policy.

To know about activities and attractions of London-

London provides locals and tourists with a wide variety of memorable events and activities that are a unique blend of the past and present! Explore its royal legacy and art museums to take a step back in time, or stay in the present and see the West End Theatre and local markets. Fine dining establishments and old taverns in the city also appeal to foodies.

The Museum of British Art-

The museum showcases contemporary collections as well. In 2019, for example, there was the largest-ever manga exhibition exhibited outside of Japan. It should come as no surprise that the British Museum is among the most popular sights in London given its extremely varied collection.

London Eye-

It is located in the center of the city. The London Eye gives you an amazing view of the city. You can make out the Shard, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. Along with the Thames River, among other popular tourist attractions. You can enjoy many beverages here. After spending a few times here, you can take a ride. Don’t forget to visit the nearby London Dungeon or see a 4D movie at the theatre.

London Tower-

This tower was built by William the Conqueror. It was constructed in 1066. To visit here you can learn about British history. Here are jewels that possess Kohinoor diamonds. The diamond size is like a golf ball. It is the most popular diamond in the world. Even, you can explore many things related to the British monarchy. Remember to explore the tower’s other areas, including the barracks and the armory.

Ben Big Ben –

This tower is located at the eastern end of the Parliament. It is a 16-story building. Moreover, this place is a masterpiece of city architecture. It possesses Gothic architecture. Even, it is a popular tourist attraction in the city. It got a place among the icons of London. This place welcomes many visitors within a year. Many travelers come here only to listen 15-minute bell sound.

Kew Gardens-

The largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in London. It is the Kew Gardens. It was originally the Royal Botanic Gardens. The exquisite botanic gardens offer an excellent opportunity to escape the daily grind. It is home to an internationally recognized scientific research facility. It is the most diverse collection of living plants in the world. There are also charming cafes at Kew Gardens. In café, many visitors may unwind and savor traditional British fare.

The Buckingham Palace

See the well-known guard change in front of Buckingham Palace. It was the monarchy’s London home after Queen Victoria took the throne. There are numerous other sites to see throughout the palace. Even though many people come to see the morning parade of the royal guard, try spending a day exploring the parks and gardens—all surrounding the palaces. Here, you can take in the lush vegetation and stunning lake views.

Hyde Park

Visit Hyde Park to get away from the busy city streets. It’s a sizable green area with a ton of attractions and activities. Unwind as you go through the park. Here you’ll observe people lounging around and squirrels climbing trees. If you want to go swimming or boating, stop by the Diana Memorial Fountain. This fountain honors Princess Diana. Wintertime brings a Christmas Market. This market is known for its mulled wine and delicious cuisine. Along with live entertainment, and amazing bargains.

Bridge Tower

It was constructed between 1886 and 1894. This bridge is a noticeable location in the region. To visit here you can learn about the tower’s history. In addition, visitors can explore the glass floor atop the bridge for those with the guts to try it, as well as the engine room, which houses the original steam engines from the tower’s construction. Other sights like the London Eye and Big Ben are also close to Tower Bridge.


You can see museums, history, and splendid architecture here. May through September is usually the busiest time of year in London because it’s usually warmer, less likely to rain, and offers more outdoor activities read more about Aeromexico Name Change Process On Ticket. In the run-up to Christmas, from October to December, visitors can take advantage of the Christmas markets and seasonal events.