6 Best Stores For Wet And Wavy Braiding Hair

Do you want to spice up your hair and add a little drama to your usual hairstyle? 

All you need is wet and wavy braiding hair. Wet and wavy hair can take your look to a whole new level!

The wet and wavy look is a great protective style to rock your summer days with bouncy long hair. 

We have compiled six stores with the best wet and wavy braiding hair to give you a few suggestions.

You can check out the stores and place your order now!

1. Hair Factory

Hair Factory is a tiny independent firm founded by women, for women, with a very dedicated customer base. 

They are dedicated to providing only premium quality human hair products. 

Their staff has been in the beauty field since the mid-1960s and has extensive knowledge of the industry for today’s beauty-aware ladies. They are experts in the field of hair!

There is no synthetic or highly processed hair in their collection. For over 30 years, they have only offered the highest quality human hair weaves and wigs on the market.

Hair Factory offers Remy single-drawn braiding hair, smoothed using silicone in the last stages of processing. 

You don’t have to do additional processing or dyeing – you can wear them and style them as soon as you unbox them.

French Refined Bulk Braiding Hair


French Refined Bulk ? Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair

French Refined Bulk is a versatile wet and wavy braiding hair that requires little upkeep. Wash and scrunch, and you are ready to go! 

You can wear any braided hairstyles with the French Refined Bulk Braiding Hair – box braids, micro-Braids, cornrows, tree Braids, etc. 

Use 2 to 3 packages of this 18 inches long French Refined Bulk for a complete look. 

Their experts recommend air drying your braids after washing and conditioning them lightly. 

You can reuse this hair several times with proper care and maintenance. 

2. Yuyongtai Store

Yuyongtai Hair Products is a long-established human hair weaving and hair accessories manufacturer. 

Yuyongtai Store is a professional retailer that deals with human hair weaves and wigs.

The product’s pricing is affordable, and they understand how to cater to the preferences of various customers. 

They export various hairstyles, including wet and wavy braiding hair.

Brazilian Wet and Wavy Weave Hair Human Bundles 


Brazilian Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair

It?s a 100% unprocessed ocean wave braiding hair for a chic wet, and wavy look. 

Usually, 3 or 4 hair bundles are enough to do a full head of braided hairstyles. 

Their 1B colors easily blend with natural hair to achieve a natural look.

Each bundle contains 95-100g double strong wefts Brazilian virgin water wave hair with minimal shedding and tangle-free hair. 

This thick and soft braiding hair is clean and chemical-free.

3. Indique Hair

Indique Hair is a well-known hair extension brand with retail locations across the United States and distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America. 

They supply 100 % virgin human hair of the best quality around the globe. The winning mix of hair experts and stylists at Indique Hair will guide you and assist you regarding hair. 

Indique offers consistent access to a wide range of virgin hair products, including wigs, extensions, bangs, ponytails, and wet and wavy braiding hair.

French Refined Braiding Hair


French Refined Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair

The curl pattern of French Refined Braiding Hair features a medium gloss and a distinct voluminous curl.

This bulk hair is commonly used for braiding, but you can use it for other hairstyles such as ventilating, crochet, twisting, Brazilian knots, micro beading, fusion, etc.

It is available at Indique in various colors (1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33) and two lengths (18 and 22 inches).

Each pack contains around 100g of hair in bundles that you can use for a thicker look. 

4. Luduna Store

Luduna Hair is one of Aliexpress’s most famous human hair stores. 

They specialize in high-quality 100 percent human hair for weaving, closures, lace frontals, lace wigs, pre-colored hair, and braiding hair. 

With a solid reputation and feedback, they have been exporting their human hair products to the United States, Europe, and Africa over the recent years.

Deep Wave Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair


Deep Wave Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair

This is 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair perfect for colored women. 

It comes in 12, 14, and 16 inches long natural black colors. However, you can bleach the deep wave braiding hair to your preferred color. 

They also have other styles such as straight, body wave, loose wave, and curly braiding hair to meet the demands of the users. 

5 Queens Plus Hair

Queens Plus Hair collects virgin human hairs worldwide to meet the demands of users of different races and skin tones. 

Then the collected hair undergoes natural processing, assembling, and packaging to be delivered to their clients. 

Thus they provide their customers with high-quality, virgin human hair.

They have strict quality control measures and skilled workers to provide the best quality.

Peruvian Kinky Curly Braiding Hair 


Peruvian Kinky Curly Braiding Hair ? Wet and Wavy Braiding hair

The Kinky Curly Braiding Hair at Queens Plus is made from 100% unprocessed virgin hair sourced from young girls.

These kinky curly bundles are healthy and clean. It’s also shed-free and tangle-free.

It is super versatile, so you can straighten, curl, bleach, and style it like your own hair.

6. Black Beauty Wigs

They are a professional and experienced human hair manufacturer. And their professional team is dedicated to meeting your requirements. 

The store offers virgin human hair products to women of any race and skin type. 

You can enjoy the benefit of minimum maintenance and care routine with their high-quality products.

Loose Wave Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair


Loose Wave Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair

This virgin loose wave braiding hair comes in a bundle of 100g and 12-24 inches. 

The original color is naturally black, but you can bleach and dye it to your liking.

This wet and wavy braiding hair is long-lasting, tangle-free, and shedding-free.

You can also experiment with different styles as it is versatile and manageable.

Final Thoughts 

Wet and wavy styles are excellent to switch up your look from your usual everyday hairstyles. 

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These six hair stores offer high-quality wet and wavy braiding hair. You can choose the one you like best to flaunt a fancy wet look.