Best small towns to retire in New Jersey

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If you are looking for a place to relax in your golden years, New Jersey is a great state for you. It has easy access to white sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and retiring in New Jersey will also make the Big Apple easily accessible. However, if you don’t want to get stuck in New Jersey traffic or wait in long shopping lines, there are ample small places in New Jersey for you to retire in. Small-town peace and tranquility have an undeniable appeal, and we are giving you a list of some of the best small towns to retire in New Jersey.


Haddonfield is in Camden County and it was named the most desirable place to live in the state. This small town offers historic charm and an easy commute to Philadelphia. Most residents in Haddonfield own their home, so if you are looking for a house to buy after you retire, you have an amazing opportunity to own a house for a reasonable price in Haddonfield, New Jersey. Also, many residents in Haddonfield are retirees, and they tend to lean conservative. The downtown has more than 200 shops, many galleries, and restaurants, but there are no bars, as Haddonfield is a dry town. The thing people who live and work in Haddonfield love about the town is the fact that you can do so much without having to get in your car. If you decide to retire in Haddonfield, New Jersey, you will have a chance to enjoy safe streets, a strong local economy, and diverse entertainment options.

Bedminster Township

Bedminster Township is located in the southeast corner of New York State at the mouth of Hudson River and is one of the best small towns to retire in New Jersey. Situated in the middle of the rolling hills of Somerset Country, Bedminster Township boasts an array of parklands, farms, trout streams, riding trails, and historic churches. It is a beautiful town with a gorgeous mountain view, and you will find almost no nightlife at all. The interesting fact about Bedminster is that president Donald Trump bought a property here which is used as a golf course and country club.Ā  Bedminster Township is just a nice, peaceful small town where you can enjoy your retirement. If you decide to make Bedminster your home, professional movers can take care of your belongingsĀ and all you have to do is to relax in Bedminster.


Bridgewater, New Jersey is an ideal place to retire. Located in Somerset County, Bridgewater is a town that has a lot to offer. It is perfectly situated near multiple larger cities, so Bridgewater is fortunate to boast both silence and adventure. If you retire in Bridgewater, New Jersey, you will enjoy several museums and galleries. If you like to paint and drink wine, you can do both in a paint-while-you-sip-studio which offers instructor-led paint classes.  There are many reasons why you should retire in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and some of them are:

  • short commutes – living in town is particularly convenient if you plan to go to New York often to visit your children and grandchildren. You can reach Manhattan in just about an hour
  • ample recreational options – while living in Bridgewater, you can enjoy gorgeous public parks such as Duke Island or North Branch Parks, you can go hiking, fishing, picnicking, and this is why Bridgewater is one of the best small towns to retire in New Jersey.
  • plenty of shopping and dining options – in Bridgewater, you will be close to two major shopping venues. However, if you don’t like shopping, there?s always a new restaurant to try when you live in Bridgewater.

If you want to retire in Bridgewater, local moves here can be done hassle-free, and you will enjoy living in this small but energetic town.

Little Silver

Located in Monmouth County, Little Silver is considered to be one of the happiest small towns in New Jersey. The history of Little Silver is rooted in farming and fishing, but now it?s mostly residential. The town is more of a coastal borough as it is just a few minutes to the famous beaches of Jersey shore. This small town has just 6,000 residents, and it is one of the most expensive places to live in the state. All the residents are very rich, many of them are families with children, and they have a stable local community. If you decide to retire and buy a house in Little Silver, you need to find a reliable real estate agent, since the houses in this town are extremely expensive. The good thing about this small town is that the crime is next to non-existent here, so you will feel safe. This small town in New Jersey is a real gem, and if your finances allow you, you should consider Little Silver as your home when you retire.

White Meadow Lake

White Meadow Lake is in Morris County with a population of just a little under 9,000 people. This small town is often on the top 10 list of happiest places in New Jersey: it is a great suburb for retirees. It is hard to be unhappy in White Meadow Lake, surrounded by titular lake and meadows. It is one of the most picturesque places in the Garden State. White Meadow Lake has a high medium income, and crime is something residents only get to hear on a TV.? White Meadow Lake is one of the best small towns to retire in New Jersey, a place ?where you can enjoy nature, spend time by the lake fishing of join a garden club for seniors.

New Jersey is a beautiful state with plenty of shore towns, fresh local produce, and lovely people. There are plenty of small towns to retire in New Jersey, you just have to choose one of them and enjoy your free time.


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