Best iOS app development ideas in 2023

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iOS app development has taken over the world rapidly. This is due to the increase of purchases in the devices due to some superior functionality. Though iOS app development is challenging, it never seems to disappoint with the various functionalities that are extremely interactive and to the point.

There are various sectors where this kind of development is being used. One of the most common is the apple products that we use today. Generally, this code is written in swift and then deployed to make it more functional as the scalability of the app increases.

To achieve this process people usually consult an iOS development company where they have all the professionals gathered in one place to help them with their problem-solving needs rather than hiring iOS app developers individually for every step of their app development process.

There are also various APIs and dependencies that are provided just like normal android development that help to make the process of iOS app development easy for the developers. The main task is to avoid coding from scratch and help to save time to focus on the needs that actually require attention rather than wasting time on various other problems that are irrelevant.

Languages used for iOS app development

There are two main languages that are used for iOS app development. The list below gives the details about them. It is as follows:

1.   Objective C language

 It has been used since it has been introduced in the 1980s, as it was one of the first object-oriented programming languages that Apple is still using with the multiple products that have taken over the industry. This language eases the task of iOS app development drastically. Since this language is object-oriented it helps to focus on the problems that occur in the real world. This makes it more feasible.

2.   Swift

Swift is now the unofficially official language that is being used for iOS app development. This transformation is being used as it has an easy-to-implement syntax. When the syntax becomes easy to implement it saves the time of the developer. Plus, another great advantage is that it is extremely easy to learn. This is making new developers switch to attain perfection in the execution of this language. The run-time is shared along with Objective-C. This means that the code can that has been written in C can be used within swift.

Best iOS app development ideas in 2023

Now let us get into the main part of the article that we all have been waiting for. The list below gives you a detailed approach for each idea for beginners who are just starting out with baby steps. The list is as follows:

1.   A weather app

A weather app is a perfect project to start out your iOS app development journey. It uses certain APIs that you will use to have a dataset, to begin with. This will help you understand how you can implement various APIs within your system with ease and help clear any anxiety.

2.   A financial tracker app

Yes, you can also publish it as you keep on increasing the complexity along with your learning journey. Essentially this will help you understand your spending patterns and how much you are spending on each commodity in terms of weeks, months, and even annually. This can be used for your own purpose which makes it very useful. The functions that you choose to include should be relevant so that you can target the needs of daily life, after all, that is a skill that most iOS app development companies are looking for.

3.   An exam paper development app

This is something that has been tackled by very few iOS app development companies. This is the reason you can start with this project to test how far you have come in the iOS app development journey. Everything in this project will help you gain insights, from the functionalities to the core of the project. You can also add timers and other methods to prevent cheating with the help of face-tracking APIs that will help you to recognize in case someone less is taking the test apart from the candidate. If you are successful you can even patent it for deployment in later stages.

4.   Integrating login pages within your app

When you work in any iOS app development company you might need to do this on daily basis. Though this might seem easy it can get difficult as you get ready to approach it. Make sure that your login page has optimal functions on the surface that do not confuse the user. Plus, you need to make sure that the verification is on point otherwise it might lead to the leaking of data which is very private and can cost you heavily. Also, make sure that the designs and themes used are apt.

5.   Brand identifier app

This is something that is very unique and can help take your iOS app development journey to the next step. All you have to do is include a data-submitting API within your app and then integrate the data being used in the functions in such a way that it gives the correct answer every time. This can get tough if the data has not been cleaned and sorted in terms of relevancy and ambiguity as it can confuse the system where the machine learning models are being implemented. Hence, choosing the right data really matters.


Every good app developer realizes how important iOS app development is in the software sector today. It is an object-oriented programming approach that helps to tackle the problems that need to solve with actual solutions. Apart from that, the two main languages used are swift and Objective C in order to develop these apps. All app developers should start with a project that is not so difficult and then go on to some rare projects that could be patented. This will help them to embark on the process of app development with absolute excellence. Hence, this is highly recommended by experts.


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