Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan in India 2021

health insurance policies in India

India is fighting a pandemic, and owing to the rising health concerns, both mental and physical, several people are opting for health insurance covers. But to choose from the pool of options available in the Indian market is a difficult task.

There are numerous companies that offer health insurance policies in India but not all fulfill the requirements of the Indian audiences. Some companies fail to provide claims to the policy holders, while others provide limited coverage with low benefits at high premiums. There are also instances where companies manipulate the insurance holders into settling for lesser sum insured. Hence, it is very important that you choose a health insurance provider that is authentic, trusted and most importantly has high claim settlement ratio.

health insurance policies in India

The best way of finding the best health insurance policy for you is to compare amongst the various health insurance covers available. Compare the coverage provided including sum insured, ailments covered under the policy, what is not covered under the policy etc. The most important thing is to view the claim settlement ratio of the company which indicates the number of claims that have been settled by the insurance provider in a particular financial year.

Which is the best health insurance plan?

Tata AIG MediCare Insurance Plan offered by Bajaj Finserv offers high coverage with COVID-19 covered along with numerous other benefits which makes it one of the best health insurances in India in 2021. The Claim Settlement Ratio for Tata AIG for the FY 19-20 stands at 96.43%. There are several factors for terming it as the best and these are listed below-

  1. In-patient treatment– This implies that ICU charges, room rent, medicines and consumables will be covered under the policy. All the medical expenses directly related to treatment and hospitalization will be paid by the insurer.
  2. Pre-hospitalization expenses– All the medical expenses incurred 30/60 days before the insured individual was hospitalized will be paid by the insurer.
  3. Post-hospitalization expenses– All the medical expenses incurred 30/60 days after the insured individual was hospitalized will be paid by the insurer.
  4. Daycare treatment– Over 541 different daycare treatments are covered under the policy considering that several treatments can take less than 24 hours of hospitalization.
  5. Domiciliary treatment– There are times when a patient needs to take the treatment at home rather than the hospital due to several reasons. Hence in cases where a medical treatment is conducted at home, for ailments, injuries that would otherwise be treated in the hospital, the expense incurred will be covered by the insurer but only under the following situations-
  • If the patient�s condition does not allow him/her to be taken to or transported to the hospital or
  • If there are no hospital beds available, then the patient has to be treated at home.
  1. Expenses incurred in organ donation– Organ donation is a very noble cause. Tata AIG acknowledges the same and has included any expense incurred in harvesting an organ for which the insurer is the recipient.
  2. Dental treatment cover in case of accidents– There are very few insurance providers that cover for dental treatments. The policy by Tata AIG covers for any expense incurred in case you need a dental treatment resulting from an injury caused by an accident. To understand this in detail you must refer to the policy terms and conditions.
  3. AYUSH benefit– Treatments practiced in accordance with Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, or Homeopathy are also covered under the policy.
  4. Vaccination: Vaccine expenses that are covered under Tata AIG Medicare include-
  5. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine (with 2 years of waiting period)
  6. Hepatitis B Vaccine (with 2 years of waiting period)
  7. Antirabies vaccine
  8. Typhoid vaccination

With so many benefits to offer Tata AIG is proving to be the best insurance provider in the country.


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