Top 3 Things To Consider When Finding The Best Golf Club Shaft

Best Golf Club Shaft

In general, the best golf club shafts for drivers are often overlooked and everyone just seems to focus more on the latest golf clubs they’re using.

People need to understand that each shaft plays a much bigger part than what they think. If you ever had a chance of fitting with a professional, there’s a great chance you were able to see what great difference the best shaft can make in your golf swing.

All shafts don’t actually have the exact specs as they each have to work with the abilities of the golfer. 

Understanding The Best Shaft For Your Golf Club

Before we talk about the best golf shafts for your club, let’s discuss why shafts matter just as much as your score.

What makes the game so much easier is the right flex for your swing. If you are using the wrong shaft for your game then it will only make everything harder and wrong. You do not have to make the game or anything even more difficult than it already is.

The best thing a golfer should do is to have their clubs professionally fitted for the right shaft. In doing so, you will be able to notice right on, the ultimate impact on your game. The right flex and shaft can help you big with your ball striking.

Take this instance, your ball would fly too low and would have a negative impact on the carry distance of your shaft is too rigid. Squaring the clubface at impact will also be more difficult and challenging just as well. Not to mention, heavy shafts can actually cause possible injuries.

On the flip side, you might acquire too much spin as the ball flies higher if your shaft is not rigid enough. Meanwhile, if you want your shaft to get the ball soaring it might also fall under too high of a launch. Another thing that could impact your accuracy well, if a shaft has too much flex, it could lead to a wider shot dispersion and eventually, good scoring might become much more challenging.

Your golf shaft and your driver take a great part in your game, you will want to match each one with the other.

Finding The Best Golf Club Shafts

In the hope of improving your game and club speed, there are things you need to consider when finding the best shaft for your golf club.


Initially, the total weight of the shaft should be the priority. A lighter shaft will actually help you generate more swing speed without bringing more effort into play. For this, graphite shafts are more in demand because these shafts come lighter compared to other shafts, say, irons or other heavier steel.


Next thing to consider just as much as the weight is the flex. On a scale of light flex, regular, stiff, extra stiff, and tour x-stiff, the stiffer the shaft gets, the greater swing speed is required to get the club right-angled at impact. 

Although, playing stiff or regular flex creates an attainable chance to get a stock shaft compared to the upgraded charge on some specific golf clubs.

Feel and Flight 

Granted that, weight and flex are vital in finding the best golf shaft for you, golf ball flight is also something you should take into consideration. Some shafts help get your ball soaring and some shafts are meant for the ball to fly low. When trying out various shafts, you’ll be able to feel the difference one makes, compared to the rest. This way you will be able to generate a good rhythm for your swing.

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