Gojek Clone – These 7 Profit-generating Components Are Essential For Your Multiservice App

Anyone’s cup of tea may be picking up any mobility business concept. However, we are confident that you do not wish to be anyone. Rather than being a mere follower, you want to lead and set an example. Here is the key if you are willing to be in that zone.

Let’s have a look at this unique business opportunity that has yet to be explored in the market. To keep an eye on this business idea and tactics for executing it more effectively, we’ve chosen to publish an article that first relates a narrative about a similar use case and then provides strategies for ensuring that you can replicate it flawlessly. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Login Using Face Id and Fingerprint

Face ID for iPhone apps and Fingerprint for Android apps have been added as new login choices. This sort of login eliminates the need for users to remember passwords and usernames each time they log in.

Online Video Consultation

Professional Video Calling is a relatively new notion on the market. Getting this service is easier with Gojek Clone. Doctors, lawyers, tutors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers are available for online video consultations. Don’t be concerned about receiving a consultation outside of your house. It can strike at any time.

Remember that this service only accepts credit card payments.

Service Bid

This service is only available through the KINGX 2022 App. Users can post a task here with specifics about the job after selecting the Handyman Category that they want. Following the submission of the post, all Handymen in the selected category will receive requests. Plumbers, electricians, and home painters may now make an offer and bid for it.

New UI/UX Sign-in and Signup

The cell phone number and OTP-based authentication are now included in the Sign in and Sign up process. The necessity to remember usernames and passwords is eliminated with this method. The new sign-in and sign-up flow’s UI/UX relies heavily on the user’s cell phone number and mobile ID.

Country-wise Different Payment Gateway Support

When a site owner has operations in numerous countries and needs to enable local payment processing for that country’s banks, this option comes in handy.

Video Call Option

The users and drivers can make a video call if there is a need.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Users may now hire a taxi with their Apple Watch and enjoy the ride. This Apple Watch App makes it easier to book cab. Users can select the type of cab, as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations, and pay directly from their Apple Watch.

Apart from this, users can engage a Delivery Genie from the Best Gojek Clone App to have stuff delivered from a nearby store or shop that isn’t registered with the App, or to have items handpicked. The Genie will deliver the order to the user’s doorstep, where they will be able to pay for the contents as well as the delivery.

Users can also hire a Delivery Runner to pick up or drop off items in the surrounding locations. In a nutshell, they’ll run errands for you for a fee.

In Conclusion

Do you want to create a Super App with 7 Components that have the potential to make you a Millionaire for a small investment? If that’s the case, dear Smart Entrepreneurs, now appears to be the best time to make a decision and realize your childhood dreams.