Best Eyebrow Pencil

Best Eyebrow Pencil

Ever wondered how celebrities pull off the perfect look. Well a lot of make up goes in to it but the top secret is using quality make up. When you go for fake products then you’re bound to look artificial. Beauty doesn’t fade at least not with all the beauty products available in the market. Different people have different best and worst features in their bodies. Some would like to accentuate on them while some would prefer hiding them. Whichever way, there is always a solution to every problem when it comes to beauty. Most of these beauty products work best when used together with others while some do just fine by themselves. However, there is quite a wide range of beauty products that will leave you feeling young and vibrant. Among these is an eyebrow pencil. It is used on your eyebrows for those who prefer to shave their brows and draw them back on afterwards. However, this product is also used by people who have naturally thin eyebrows and need to thicken them. It also comes in handy for those that have gray hairs for eye brows. They go a long way in adding wiley x beauty sensation men and women and youth for just about anyone.

Before shopping for just any eyebrow pencil, you should consider the best there is in the market. 


This has got to be one of the best eyebrow pencil in the market. The convenience and quality that comes with it is amazing and extra ordinary. This pencil is self sharpening meaning all the manual work is taken care of for you. It gets annoying when you’re busy trying to sharpen your pencil but it keeps breaking. When this is done automatically then it means that it will be done to perfection. It also has a built in brush that comes in handy while brushing the eyebrows to create a fine guide line when using the pencil. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that is has a special feature that no other eye brow pencil has. It has special ingredients; soy beans oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil that smoothens, hydrates and conditions your skin. There is absolutely none other that can match up to this.


Ever noticed how thick and unnatural lines from round tipped eyebrow pencil look? The result tends to be just the same no matter how tactfully and or carefully you do it. Well this doesn’t have to be a problem any more. The Laura Mercier eye brow pencil has taken care of that little issue. It has a triangular tip for easy application and a natural look. The shape also comes in handy for easy grip when applying. The colors are so natural and realistic. One can hardly ever notice that you’ve drawn them on. With the Laura Mercier eye brow pencil, you can be sure that it wont clump or rub off. It stays put and perfect for the whole day. It comes in different shades and colors for different shades of skin. Whether blond or black, you�re bound to find one that will suit you perfectly.


We all want the best when it comes to beauty products and eye brow pencil in this case; if the package comes with a little extras then the better. The Maybelline expert eye brow pencil is ranked in the best eye brow pencil categories. It is smear proof meaning that chances of it smudging when touched after application are slim. It guarantees an easy application and an all day perfect look. It also has an in built comb as an extra feature. This can be used for brushing your eyebrows and shaping them the way you like. This will guide you when applying the eye pencil according to the direction of the eye brows. This simply ensures that your eyebrows look all natural and amazing which is the aim in the first place. It is water proof and smear proof and ideal for even sensitive eyes. It is even deemed safe for those wearing contact lenses as it has already been ophthalmologist tested. It comes in different colors hence everyone is well taken care of.


Everyone would find such a slim and functional eyebrow pencil a must have. This is a sheek and slim pencil that is retractable and self sharpening. As much as you want to look amazing, looking all fake is never an option. This eye pencil gives a natural finish that has no shine to it. You are sure to look amazing and natural with this one. This eyebrow pencil also comes with a wand at other end. This is for natural smoothing and blending of the pencil.


This one is like a creamy crayon that has a perfect constituency. Unlike other eye brow pencils, this one is not waxy hence slides smooth and evenly. This goes a long way to ensure that you look all natural and perfect. It does not require you to sharpen as it has a twist up design. This means that you only need to twist it up as it gets finished. After you’re done applying, all you have to do is twist it down to prevent it from breaking or smudging. This is so convenient for you.

How to apply eyebrow pencil

After acquiring the best eyebrow pencil in the market, you need to know how to apply it.

(a) The first step is making sure that you have gotten rid of excess hairs above or below the eyebrow.

(b) Ensure that you select the right shade for you otherwise you’ll look fake and artificial.

(c) Use light short strokes from the inner to the outer corner. Do it lightly to avoid lines showing from where you’d drawn earlier.

(d) If you have an eyebrow brush, use it to first brush the hairs then follow through with the pencil. This will be great and contribute to a better look.

However, you should never apply too much. Make it look as natural as possible and if you suspect it being too much you can use a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover to remove the excess.

There are some other eyebrow pencils in the market that are also great and they are cheap enough so be sure that your savings are safe.

1. Prestige classic eyebrow pencil – this one is not animal tested but dermatological approved for safety and human use.

2. Shu uemura hard formula eye pencil – This has the best technology as the color only appears when it comes into contact with your natural oils hence it ensures that it will look as natural as possible. It has a triangular shape too for perfection

3. NARS eyebrow pencil – It gives a natural rich color that will make you look amazing. Has a wide variety of shades and color for every skin tone.

4. Anastasia perfect eyebrow pencil – it is has an eye brow brush at the other end of the pencil. It is all natural too and water proof.

5. Brenda Christian eyebrow pencil – it comes in different colors foe everyone. It lasts all day and would definitely keep you looking all fresh and natural.


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