The Best desserts in India

indian desserts

If India is famous for anything, it’s for its Indian Food! The subcontinent is teeming with mouthwatering treats that are so deliciously distinct that one cannot help but fall in love with them. Indians adore Indian desserts, as evidenced by their responses when asked what type of food they prefer. We adore Meetha, to put it simply. We need sweet food just as much as we need air to breathe.

Like our culture, Indian desserts are diverse and fascinating. There are simply too many different kinds of desserts in India to list them all, but certain of them are loved by Indians nationwide and have a special place in their hearts.

These well-known Indian desserts must be tried at least once! So continue on and sample each of these top 10 mouthwateringly delicious and well-known Indian sweets!

Gulab Jamun

If you are Indian, I can’t believe it. I find it hard to believe you have never enjoyed a gulab jamun. We can bet that even if you are a foreigner, you have heard of it as one of the most well-known desserts in India.

Gulab jamun has its own following and is regarded as India’s favourite dessert. The base of gulab jamun is actually not Indian, which is funny! According to legend, gulab jamun truly came from Persia, but Indian chefs adapted it by substituting “khoya” for the original components.


They are made of semolina dough with cottage cheese. To cook them, simple sugar syrup is produced. West Bengal is where the recipe is from. Another name for it is “Bangla Rasogolla.” These circular, spongy desserts are totally submerged in sugar syrup. Rasgulla is impossible to resist eating. It is the emblematic confection of West Bengal.

Gajar ka halwa

A dessert called gazar ka halwa is made with grated carrots that have first been cooked in milk and cardamom. With ghee (clarified butter) and sugar, the mixture is then fried. Dried fruits are used as a final garnish on the dish. The dessert gained popularity during the Mughal era and is now served in India for both Hindu and Muslim festivals, such as Diwali and Eid al-Fitr.


Rasmalai is the combination of the two terms Ras and Malai, where Ras stands for “juice” and Malai for “cream.” Rasmalai is the most popular dessert in the entire northern region. Moreover, this meal is available in cities like Haridwar, Kanpur, etc. It consists of delicious white cream that the chana balls are dipped in.

Besan Laddu

Gram flour is known as “besan” in Hindi. Moreover, laddu is a loaded circular item. The major component of the besan laddu is flour, which has been toasted in ghee before sugar is added. To make the ball more fruity, add nuts, raisins, and dried fruits. In India, besan laddus are commonly eaten. It is the ideal Diwali dessert due to its aroma and golden color.


A traditional Indian treat from the state of Bengal is called sandesh. Fresh paneer, sugar, and flavourings like cardamom and saffron are the main ingredients in this dish, which is often served as a dessert. Pistachios, almonds, or crushed pineapple are frequently used as decorations for the little paneer balls.


Modak is another well-known dessert from Maharashtra. Modak is a favorite of Lord Ganesha. Thus, “it enjoys” has a unique position among the Marathi people. During the ten-day celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birthday, it is given to him.


One of Indians’ favourite desserts is jalebi. It is a sweet treat made by deep-frying flour and allowing it cool before dipped it in sweet syrup to create hoop-shaped desserts. Iran and Turkey also have various varieties of jalebi. This simple dessert recipe can be found in numerous old Indian cookbooks from the 15th century. Jalebis are best served warm.


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