Best clothing for Women under 5’3″ to look attractive

    clothing for Women

    Finding clothes that are currently in trend and with perfect fitting is not that easy for women under 5’3″. However, this struggle can be eliminated once you know what works well for petite and what not. If you are petite looking for clothes online or offline then, this blog will surely help out finding the best clothes for your wardrobe.

    Let’s start the blog with our first suggestion. So, start paying attention girls!

    Go for cropped silhouettes

    The first in our list is no other than the cropped silhouettes as these are perfect for making petite women’s appearance long and are an easy way to add an on-trend dimension to your outfit. These look perfect with high-waisted pants and petite skinny ankle pants for a classy look.

    Wrap dresses

    For women under 5’3″, a shirtdress can sometimes make you look like you are wearing oversize apparel. But, with a wrap dress or gathered dress make sure that you look just right and avoid that oversize dress look.

    Vertical stripes over horizontal

    This one is not a dress recommendation but will surely help you in selecting clothes like sweaters, suits, and jackets for petite women. The vertical stripes are perfect for every petite woman as they help in creating the illusion of longer height while the horizontal stripes give an elongating appearance.

    Mini skirts over Midi skirts

    The next on our list for women under 5’3″ is the mini skirt. Midi skirts cut the shorter legs in the wrong place thus, shortening the height for petite women. With mini skirts, there is no such issue and that’s what makes them perfect for petite women. Pair them with your favorite white crew-neck tee and have the perfect go-to look for the next occasion.

    Above the knee – Hemlines

    While selecting a perfect dress for petite women, always go for the ones that make your legs look longer or help in creating the illusion of longer height. These hemlines ending right above the knee are perfect examples of such dresses. Pairing this dress with high heels is a perfect combination as both these help in creating an illusion of long height.

    Straight-leg or Skinny Petite Jeans 

    When it comes to shopping for jeans, it is best to go for either straight leg or skinny petite jeans than oversized jeans. Oversized jeans give the illusion of bagginess that is not perfect for petite women. With straight leg or skinny petite jeans help in giving the illusion of longer legs that every petite wants.

    Mini bags

    The next on our list is not an item of clothing but a small accessory that can create a big effect on your overall appearance. For petite women, it’s all about wearing everything that makes the overall look longer and accessorizing with proportional things. In short, for cute height women a perfect cute mini bag.

    These seven tips or suggestions will surely help you with your next shopping and make your experience a better one. Hope this blog helps you in getting the right dress that you are looking for.

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