Best business ideas for business persons in developing countries

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Do you have a business idea that might bring cash raining into your accounts? What part of the world do you want to execute that business? Did you know that there is a huge gap between trying to execute a business idea in a developing country and doing one in one that is developed? Different lands present different opportunities to different business men.

In the course of this article, we are going to learn the best business ideas to execute in a developing country. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

What being a developing country entails in business?

A developing country can be interpreted as a county that is in the process of getting to their full potential. There are lots of nations in the planet that can be classified as a developing country. As a developing nation, there are lots of things that the nation needs to do to ensure job security. The basic metric that is used to rate whether a nation is in the developing phase is the Economy.

Developing nations usually need a lot of investment to be able to take care of its inhabitants. Most developing nations are a perfect place to start a business since there is a huge market. Most of the developing countries in the world are Nigeria, India, South Africa, Peru, Fiji, etc.

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at some tangible business ideas that can be experimented in a developing country.

#1. The Real Estate Business

Most developing countries usually practice agriculture, meaning that most of their lands are covered with forest. These lands are potential hubs for urban outbursts. This is why a lot intelligent business men target developing countries when they want to go into real estate investment.  Most of the lands that are not utilized for anything except as a forest reserve can be used for building residential apartments, special economic zones and road and rail way infrastructures.

So when you go to a developing country, you can set out to buy lands at a cheap rate and do business with it in the future.

Most persons that are into real estate investments in some developing countries are now billionaires.

#2. Hospitality and Medicare Services

Although, the medical field is not worth categorizing as a business, but it is. We all know that noble professions in health care should not be too profit oriented, but truth is, in developing countries, it is a gold mine.  As most developing countries have very strong healthcare support, whatever healthcare business you start would certainly thrive.  The main reason for this, is that there is no shortage of diseases in developing countries dues to poor hygiene.

#4. Business Ideas for the education sector

One of the most prospering industries in a developing country is the education sector. Most of them in their stage of development like to spend money on education.  For a business idea, you can start a nursery school, or a private school.

It is important for a business person to know that most developing countries like to study away from home. And studying abroad comes with some examination requirements. For instance most developing countries take language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. For instance, in Nigeria, the TOEFL exam is the most written exam for persons that want to study abroad.? Knowing the cost of a TOEFL exam in Nigeria and also setting an exam centre up can be a good business idea.

Another international exam that is well taken in developing countries like china and India is the SAT exam. You can meet the right authorities in the country and set up a SAT exam centre. Most developing countries do not have faith in the quality of their education. That is why they mostly prefer to study abroad.

#5. Food services and restaurants

You can open a franchise of any grocery store in a developing country, and watch your business bring massive turnover. An example of such profitable franchise is the KFC or McDonalds. 

Most developing countries have flour and other starchy foods as staple food source.? This is why starting a bakery that does pastry can be very profitable. For instance, in Nigeria, you might want to know how to start a bakery business. The sales of pastry are one business that would never die in a developing country in Africa.

#6. Beauty, Cosmetic and Styling Business

Late in the 1990s Indian women won a lot of universal and world titles for pageants, and this opened a door for cosmetic products in the nation. The success of most cosmetic brands in developing countries is a typical example. For instance, bone straight hair in Nigeria, is a very popular and high selling cosmetic product. If you indulge in the sale of this product, especially through importation, you would make millions.

Cosmetics in developing countries can be a very good gig for any business man. Imagine opening a beauty parlor, or a spa, or even a beauty enhancing store. You would be set for some good profit.

#7. Export and Importation Business

Majority of the developing countries in the world have a market economy instead of a socialist one. This is why most of them rely mostly on exportation and importation. A business man can invest in importation and importation business in a developing country. The best part of everything is that the business person does not need to start big. You can start with mini importation in a developing country.

The reason why most countries depend in exports and imports

is because they are not developed enough to produce their own products.

To have a successful import and export business in a developing country, you would need tangible investment. You would also need a good business advisor that would put you through what the business entails.

#8.  Waste and Scrap Business

Most developing nations have an issue with scrap and waste management, that is why it would be good to venture into such business as it would be very profitable.  With a very small tiny-winy innovation, you can turn waste into money in a developing country. It is important for any wanna-be business to know that waste and scrap business is a gold mine. For scrap business, a lot of developing countries have policies in place for recycling. So getting scrap and selling it back to companies that recycle it is a good business.

A recycling center can turn paper, tin, glass, metals and e-wastes to reusable product materials again.

Starting any service provider business

A lot of businesses get boosts from service providing. It is an business approach that is beneficial to the growth of any country. A lot of businesses have done well after integrating them into the core of the operations.

Some services can come in the fields related to software solutions, AC service provider, automobile service provider, cleaning services, food services, hospitality services and so on.

 Many businesses have flourished way ahead through service providing. Some fields of servicing are: software solutions, cloud solutions, services related to IT companies, AC service provider, automobile service provider, cleaning services, food services, hospitality services, repairing services, and many more services are there that are growing at great pace.

Telecom service providers, internet service providers and computer service providers are one of the most successful service providers. One can try their hands in any of the services they wish for. Home delivery of food is another such common service. You can choose services based on the necessity, requirement and return expected.

The above ten business ideas are just a small list of business options available in developing countries. There is much more than this and for that you need a good research to find what these developing countries want.


I strongly believe that the above listed business ideas for developing countries would intrigue you. There are more business ideas to experiment on the economic sphere of most developing nations out there.

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