5 Best US Universities for Biology Majors

Biology is one of the most versatile degrees that you can get, and it can open up all kinds of doors. Of course, some degrees tend to be a little better than others, and it can be hard to tell the difference. For instance, some colleges are very respected when it comes to the arts, while others are more respected when it comes to the sciences. Here are five colleges that are considered to have excellent biology programs.

University Of Wisconsin, Madison

This particular school turns out a lot of biology-related professionals, especially in the field of healthcare. Their programs place a large emphasis on research, teamwork, digital literacy, data analysis, and communication in general. This tends to be very helpful when working as part of a team, which most biology-related jobs will require you to do.

Also, their most popular course (Biochemistry 501) can be taken online. You can choose a biology major through one of two colleges, those being the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences and the College of Letters & Science. 

University Of California, Los Angeles

UCLA is another popular destination for budding biology majors, and it isn?t hard to see why. They offer a very comprehensive and complete curriculum, with each course building on the other one.

Unlike some universities, they do a good job of ensuring continuity and consistency. Their standards are a little higher than most (in terms of GPA requirements) but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re serious about your chosen profession.

University Of Washington

Biology is the largest department at the University of Washington (commonly called UW), and that tells you a lot right there. The university is always going to invest more funding and attention in its star program, and this makes UW a great choice for any aspiring biology major.

UW does a good job of providing a wide variety of knowledge and a lot of cross-discipline work. They also collaborate with many different organizations to provide biology students with all sorts of extra-study opportunities. This school has a particularly good microbiology department, and they are extremely well-supplied with state-of-the-art microbiology lab equipment. 

University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan is another example of a school that invests a lot of resources into its biology department. One look at their website gives you an idea of that fact, as it is very well-maintained. They provide a lot of interesting biology-related articles and everything is formatted very neatly.

Apart from their website, they are known for providing a wide-ranging array of research and education. They also do a lot to provide career opportunities for their alumni, and that is always a big plus. If you’re interested in this place, they offer a virtual online tour that is actually pretty good. There’s no substitute for a physical visit, but it makes a good launching point.

University Of Minnesota

When we look at the University of Minnesota’s biology program, we can see that they have provided a lot of variety. There is a pretty extensive calendar of events throughout most semesters, and the majority of these are biology-focused. There is also a huge list from which to choose your major and/or minor areas of study. If you are going for a less-common major, this might turn out to be your best option.

Apart from all that, there are also a lot of research opportunities for those who really want to go the extra mile. This gives a student the ability to take part in potentially groundbreaking research before they even graduate, giving them an excellent head start. The university manages several field stations and an extensive conservatory, and this definitely aids those research efforts.


These are not the only universities with good biology departments, but these are five of the most well-known. There is something to be said for a good reputation, and all of these institutions have a reputation for excellence in biology-related fields. We would urge you to view this article as nothing more than a set of ideas, however, as you will still need to do plenty of research. A decision like this one should not be made quickly or lightly.