World’s 5 Best Accounting Jobs With Insider Tips On How To Get

The job of an accountant may seem simple. But that is not reality. What complicates and differentiates their work is the different requirements of the industries. Fortunately, with some thought and persuasion, you can get your foot in the door and do a lot of accounting. This collection of the best accounting jobs will help you determine your career in the accounting world and encourage you to get started!

1. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts monitor the company’s financial performance against plan, analyze business and market conditions to generate forecasts, and help senior management make tactical and strategic decisions through regular reports. However, not all financial analysts work with financial institutions and help their employers make investments. For example, a company might hire a financial analyst to measure the cost-effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.

A financial analyst must be excellent at solving problems and numbers and know how the economy, tax laws, and money markets work. Most financial analysts require a degree in accounting, economics, statistics, or business administration. A CPA or MBA degree can be helpful, although not necessary.

The average salary of a financial analyst is around $72,000 per year.

2. Accounts Payable/ Receivable Specialist

The Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist is the one who is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of corporate invoices, including coding, processing, and research. Claims experts provide management with financial information about the organization. In addition, the job is to provide high customer service to internal and external customers.

Professionals must apply accounting principles and perform analytical, evaluative, and advisory work that requires an understanding of accounting theory and practice. This role uses knowledge of fundamental accounting doctrines, theories, principles, and terminology and often includes some knowledge of related areas such as business law, statistics, and general management.

The average salary can range from $36,000 to $ 9,000.

3. Cost Accountant

A cost accountant is responsible for ensuring that the money spent by his company is well-planned and worth it. Cost accountants help businesses by tracking and analyzing the organization’s expenses and purchases. They evaluate services and goods, record data, and recommend cost-effective and economically viable cost alternatives. They review expense reports, analyze data on the cost of goods and services purchased or received from suppliers, and make cost-effectiveness recommendations.

 To ensure success, cost accountants must be self-confident, professional and diligent, and interested in the cost-effective operation of the organization. The best candidates will have excellent presentation and reporting skills and work independently and as a team.

The average salary for a cost accountant can be $54,000.

4. Assistant Controller

Assistant controllers support the controller of the finance or accounting department. They usually prepare financial statements according to official regulations and are involved in implementing internal controls. Assistant Controller duties also include managing payroll, accounts payable/claims, reconciliation of accounts, and assisting with audits. It would be best if you worked independently and as honestly as possible.

To succeed as an Assistant Controller, you need outstanding accounting skills and knowledge of relevant industry regulations. The ideal candidate is also well-organized and has excellent leadership skills.

The average salary is around $71,160.

5. Compliance Manager

The compliance manager ensures that our business operations and procedures comply with laws and internal policies. The Chief Compliance Officer ensures company policies and practices comply with regulations and ethical standards. Also known as compliance specialists, these highly analytical professionals conduct regular audits, implement company policies, and design control systems.

You will perform various duties in this position, including evaluating all current and new compliance regulations, reviewing company processes, and training. A successful candidate will be an excellent communicator with thorough knowledge of the latest industry procedures and regulations.

The average salary can be around $65,000.

How to get the best accounting jobs?

Get a bachelor’s degree in a related field

Although getting a job as an accountant does not always require a bachelor’s degree, companies often prefer people with special education in accounting and candidates for accounting support positions. Associate degrees and certificate programs are also helpful and valuable tools for developing skills and earning opportunities.


After you have obtained your degree (or perhaps while you are still in school choosing the focus of your courses), you will need to find a professional niche in accounting. Two of the most popular majors are business administration.

Deciding between a CPA or an accountant training CPA

Once you graduate as an accountant, you can perform all the typical accounting jobs. Still, you are qualified to perform accounting duties, including audits, representing clients before the IRS, and to review statements.

Take the CPA exam

To become a CPA, you must take the CPA exam. It consists of four parts: Audit and Certification, Accounting and Reporting, Regulation and Business Environment, and Concepts. The four parts can be taken in any order, but once you’ve taken one, you must accept the other three within 18 months.

Look for On-Campus Recruiting Programs

Entry-level accounting work can be done in your last year of college, and many organizations interview students. An excellent way to increase your chances of getting a good accounting job straight out of college is to do an accounting internship.

Ask college professors

During and after college, professors are a good source for potential accounting assignments. Most companies hiring college graduates ask professors to recommend the strongest candidates, and a good relationship with them will likely improve your recommendation.

Use top job sites

Most companies need accountants to post their applications on top job sites like You can filter your search to match your skills, experience, interests, and location. Others include management accounting, tax accounting, environmental accounting, and auditing in this vast male-dominated field. Your studies will help you focus.

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